Pokemon Go August Events, All Details

August is almost here, which means new Pokemon GO events are just around the corner! As the last month of the Season of Discovery, Niantic will surely not fall short this month!

Eevee’s Community Day Comeback!

Eevee takes center stage in August, almost three years after its last Community Day in August of 2018. Community Day this year is spread out over 4 days. Whatever Eevee that has been evolved will discover the special Community Day skill.

EVENT START: Friday – 13th of August, 10:00AM (local time)
EVENT END: Monday – 16th of August, 10:00AM (local time)

Check out the Special Skill for every Eeveelutions below!

Eevee Last Resort
Flareon Superpower
Jolteon Zap Cannon
Vaporeon Scald
Umbreon Psychic
Espeon Shadow Ball
Leafeon Bullet Seed
Glaceon Water Pulse
Sylveon Psyshock

Spotlight and Raid Hour Schedule

Each Tuesday at 6:00PM (local time), the Spotlight Hours will commence. The official schedule is TBA. On the next day, the Raid Hours are treated in the same manner. The sequence is most probably as follows:

4th of August Dialga
11th of August Palkia
18th of August Palkia
25th of August TBA

Ultra Unlock

  • Chapter 2, which begins on August 6, follows part one and begins on August 6. This time around, the activity will be centered on the theme of “space,” with Pokemon showing up in unexpected places.
  • The event’s conclusion is labeled “??” and stays a secret.  It kicks off on August 20 and will almost certainly coincide with Hoopa’s presence at this year’s GO Fest.

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