Pokemon GO Bug Out event: Best ways to catch Mega Scizor

Hey, Trainers! Have you been exploring for quite some time and up for a challenge? Something is back and we’re sure you’re excited about this too! Pokemon GO Bug Out! event returns! An event meant new Pokemons to chase and catch, right? We assume you’re here to know about the best ways to catch Mega Scizor, so we’ll walk you through how you can get your own!

We’ll lay out details of what you need to know for this event and upcoming events. Ready your Poké Balls as there are more Pokemon that await you in your adventure. So stick around with us and learn more!

How to catch Mega Scizor in Pokemon GO’s Bug Out!

Here we are, Trainers. There are a few things you have to do to catch the newest Mega Scizor. Starting with waiting for the event as Pokemon GO Bug Out! begins on August 10, 2022, from 10:00 a.m. to August 16, 2022, at 8:00 p.m. local time.

  • Just a piece of information, Pokemon Scizor’s evolution of Pokemon Scyther. It’s a Bug- and Steel-type but its Mega evolution belongs to the Bug-type. A few things do not mean easy things, so be ready to face numerous Pokemon for this one!
  • To catch the Mega Scizor, you first have to join Mega Raids. If you’re not familiar with Mega Raids, it joins Trainers together to defeat a single Raid Boss. Yes, if you’re thinking about Mega Scizor as the Raid Boss, you’re right.
  • Second information, you have to know the location where to face the Mega Pokemon. You can make use of the Nearby feature of Pokemon GO to search for available Raids. However, if you accept a friend’s invitation to a Mega raid, you can join wherever your location is (and vice versa too, invite them!).
  • Moreover, when an available Mega Raid takes place, you can join them in two possible ways. First, you can simply tap Battle where you’re automatically joined by other Trainers. On the other hand, you can play and face Mega Scizor with your group of friends when you choose “Join Privately”.

    Mega Scizor
    Image Courtesy of Pokemon Go Live
  • However, these Raids can be joined if you have Raid Pass. Don’t worry, this isn’t necessary to be bought but you can also earn it. Just make sure you have a Raid Pass when you battle the Mega Scizor!

Catch the Mega Pokemon in a raid battle

  • Continuing the Mega Raid, once you join, you’ll choose six Pokemon to play with. It’s quite impossible to defeat the Mega evolutions on your own, so teaming up with other Trainers is the best way. It takes ample time to defeat the Raid Boss, but if you’re successful you can earn rewards like Rare Candy or Golden Razz Berries. And yes, you can eventually use your Premier Balls to catch Mega Scizor before it flees!
  • If you lose, unfortunately, you have to have another Raid Pass so you can join and try again. You have chances to get the Mega Pokemon so make the most out of it!

Mega Scizor and more Pokemons in Bug Out! event

Aside from Mega Scizor, there are new Pokemon to welcome in this Bug Out! event. Pokemons Grubbin, Charjabug, and Vikavolt debut in Pokemon GO during the event! You can evolve Grubbin into Charjabug using 25 Grubbin candies. Also, when you’re near an active Magnetic Lure Module, use 100 Grubbin candies to evolve your Charjabug into its final form, Vikavolt!

  • A Collection Challenge is on its way to you, Bug-type Trainers! You must complete the challenge to receive the Bug Catcher Pose and 15,000 XP. So trade, evolve or catch Pokemons to also earn the Elite Collector badge! In case you missed out on the Bug Out! event, you can purchase the pose in the in-game shop.
  • There is an Event bonus that awaits you too for every successful throw and catches! 2x XP for successfully catching Pokémon with Nice Throws, Great Throws, and Excellent Throws.

    Pokemon GO
    Image Courtesy of Pokemon Go Live
  • More Pokemons? We have more lists for you. There are new Pokemons you can face in raids during the duration of the Pokemon GO event. In One-Star Raids, get to encounter Paras, Pineco, or Joltik!
  • The next stop, in Three-Star Raids, get a chance to face Venomoth, Pinsir, Forretress, or Shuckle. You’ll need a strong, solid team to defeat Genesect in Five-Star Raids and earn the Pokemon with a Chilling Drive attack!

More about Pokemon GO’s Bug Out!

Up for more Pokemons during the Bug Out! event? Pokemon GO gives more! If you’re a Trainer who loves Bug-type, this is an event you surely would not miss. Of course, take pictures for souvenirs, then maybe face a surprise encounter with a bug Pokemon! There are bug Pokemons everywhere and all you have to do is explore!

  • In Raid Battles, you’re fortunate if you win against Mega Scizor, but Pokemon GO just wants to give you more. Work hand-in-hand in with other Trainers to acquire additional bonuses after the match! Pokemon GO team says, “If three or more Trainers join an in-person Raid Battle, even more of a certain wild Bug-type Pokémon will appear for 15 minutes in a 300-meter radius around the Gym that hosted the raid! The Pokémon that will appear in greater numbers change each day.” Here are the Pokemon for each day!

    Group Bonuses
    Image Courtesy of Pokemon Go Live
  • You can get the following bugs on the following dates from August 10 to 16: Wurmple (10th), Caterpie (11th), Spinarak (12th), Venipede (13th), Kricketot (14th), Weedle (15th), and Ledyba (16th).
  • Also, look forward to Field Research tasks as there are about 25 Pokemons available for you to encounter as you complete the tasks during the Bug Out! event. Peek the list we have below for reference!
Pokemon GO field research tasks
Image Courtesy of Pokemon Go Live

That’s it, Trainers! See you at the Bug Out! event!

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