Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incense
Image Courtesy of Pokemon Go Live

Hey, Trainers! Are you up for new exploration in Pokemon Go? We’ll explain Pokemon Go’s newest daily adventure incense here! Stick around with us!

Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incense

Pokemon Go Daily Adventure Incense
Image Courtesy of Pokemon Go Live

Do you have time to catch Pokemons? Or maybe you want to add some wild Pokemon on your Pokedex? Try Pokemon Go’s newest Incense!

Pokemon Go announces the coming of the new Incense in the game. Just activate the Daily Adventure Incense, and you can start exploring! Chances are you can face Pokemons that you do not even expect to meet!

Additionally, this Daily Adventure Incense is open to all. Everyone from everywhere, urban or rural areas can access and play the daily adventure in Pokemon Go!

The Incense

You may ask us, what is even the Daily Adventure Incense? Well, the Incense is an item used to somehow ‘lure’ the Pokemons so you can face them! Also, with this Incense, most likely you can encounter Pokemons who are seen rarely in the wild.

Additionally, the Daily Adventure Incense is given once per day only. When activated, it lasts for fifteen minutes, and within this time, you can explore and catch those rare and wild Pokemons, Trainers!

Moreover, just a quick note, you can only use one Incense at a time. This means that if the Daily Adventure Incense is activated, you cannot use the Incense item, and vice versa. We’ll run you through how to activate your Daily Adventure Incense!

The Daily Adventure Incense

You can start your daily adventure when you complete the Special Research tasks related to the Incense adventure. This Special Research guides you to use the Incense and later on rewards you with XP!

Furthermore, you can activate the Daily Adventure Incense just like how you activate the Incense item. You can view the Daily Adventure Incense in your Item Bag. Click the Incense in your bag, and when a blue fog surrounds your character, the Incense is activated.

After 15 minutes of use, the fog disappears, and the Daily Adventure Incense is automatically removed from your bag. It reappears the following day, by the way!

Moreover, you may want to move and explore places while the Incense is active as this attracts more Pokemons to where you are. If you want to share and recap the Pokemons you caught, of course, you can! It is presented after the active time duration of the Incense.

More About the Daily Adventure

Pokemon Go Incense
Image Courtesy of Pokemon Go Live

Pokemon Go wants Trainers to enjoy the newest Incense, so if you are running low on Poké Balls, they got you covered!

If you have a total of 30 Poké Balls, Ultra Balls, and Great Balls, or fewer than that at hand, they give you 30 Poké Balls when your Daily Adventure Incense activates.

However, if you have more than 30 Poké Balls with you, no additional Poké Balls are given. If you have any more queries, you can check out the official blog post of Pokemon Go here!

There you have it, Trainers! Gotta catch ‘em all!

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