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With the debut of legendary dragon Pokemons (Mega Latios/Latias) in the Pokemon GO: Air Adventures event, a new quest is also peeking from the skies above – Pokemon Go: “Electrify the Sky Quest”.

Reach for the sky!

Electrify the Sky is a flying-themed timed research quest available in Pokemon GO during the Air Adventures event. With the presence of this quest, you can harvest as many Mega Energies as you can to be able to Mega evolve both Latios and Latias you have acquired during the Aid Adventures event. Unfortunately, you only can enjoy the quest until the event concludes on Sunday, May 8. But, you don’t have to worry since the quest is fairly short and easy!

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Scroll down below and follow all the steps we have listed to make the most out of the Electrify the Sky quest.


  • Capture 10 Flying Pikachus to obtain 50 Mega energy (Latias)
  • Capture 30 Flying-type Pokemons and be able to receive 50 Mega Energy (Latios)

Do not worry about being able to capture a lot of flying-type Pokemons! During the Air Adventures event, flying types will be given the spotlight which means they will spawn more frequently. Additionally, flying Pikachus will be floating all over the map, all thanks to the event! After completing the tasks mentioned above, trainers will be given a chance for an encounter with a Flying Pikachu plus 3,000 EXP!

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Additionally, you can also complete the “Air Adventures field research tasks” along with the “Electrify the Sky quest”.

  • Capture 3 Flying-type Pokemons – another Flying Pikachu encounter
  • Capture 10 Pokemons with a weather boost – for a chance to encounter a rare Doduo
  • Purify 1 Shadow Pokemon – for a chance to encounter Swablu
  • Defeat 3 Team Go Rocket Grunts – for a chance to encounter Emolga

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