Pokemon GO: How To Catch Zygarde | Routes Feature Explained

Pokemon GO Zygarde

Pokemon GO has officially announced the arrival of Zygarde, the legendary Ground and Dragon-type Pokemon. In addition to the legendary Pokemon, there is a new Routes feature. In this article, we will walk you through how to catch and upgrade Zygarde in Pokemon GO using the new Routes feature in Pokemon GO. Let’s get ready to catch them all!

Pokemon GO Zygarde and Routes update

Exciting news for Pokemon GO fans, a new update launched on July 20th called Routes. It lets players like you create and explore custom pathways within the game. 

Besides the new Routes feature, the update also introduced a long-awaited Pokemon, Zygarde. This update excites all Pokemon GO fans because Zygarde is one of the Legendary Pokemon.

What is Zygarde?

Pokemon GO Zygarde
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Zygarde is a unique Pokemon with Zygarde Cores (the creature’s brain) and Zygarde Cells (the Pokemon’s strength). Each Zygarde Cell is a separate creature, and depending on the number of Cells combined, Zygarde can take on different forms: 10%, 50%, and 100%. This makes it one of the game’s most intriguing and versatile Pokemon.

How to Catch Zygarde

To catch Zygarde in Pokemon GO, you must complete the special research quest called “From A to Zygarde.” 

  • This quest is divided into six stages, and you must finish at least three of these stages to receive Zygarde and the Zygarde Cube.
  • It’s important to note that the special research is currently the only way to obtain Zygarde in Pokemon GO. 
  • Make sure to seize this opportunity and complete the quest. However, there’s a possibility that this particular Pokemon may be featured in future events or become a raid boss.

Although Zygarde is a legendary Pokemon, its initial 10% form is relatively weak. However, like in the original story, you can upgrade Zygarde in Pokemon GO using Zygarde Cells. Collecting these Cells allows you to transform the Legendary Pokemon into its more powerful 50% and 100% forms.

How to Collect Zygarde Cells

To collect Zygarde Cells, you’ll need to utilize the newly introduced Routes feature in Pokemon GO. Here’s how you can farm Zygarde Cells:

  • Open the Nearby tab located in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Choose any Route and start walking.
  • Keep an eye out for a green glow on the ground.
  • Interact with the glow to collect Zygarde Cells into your Zygarde Cube.

The great thing about farming Zygarde Cells is that there are no restrictions. You can walk along the Routes and collect as many Cells as you want.

What is the new “Routes” feature?

Pokemon GO’s Routes are like in-game walking tours that creatively connect different PokeStops and Gyms. The idea is to motivate players to explore interesting places while playing the game.

As you explore these Routes, you’ll get cool rewards! In a blog post, Niantic, the company behind Pokemon GO, mentioned that you’ll earn extra XP, Buddy Candy, and other bonuses for walking these player-created pathways.

Creating your own Route is a pretty straightforward process, and here’s how you can do it:

  • Pick a PokeStop or Gym as your starting point.
  • Start recording your Route as you walk.
  • Add some information about your Route.
  • Submit it for review.
  • Once approved, other Trainers can follow your Route and enjoy the adventure!

Remember, before your Route becomes available to others, it needs to go through a review process. So, take your time to make it as detailed and well-crafted as possible before you submit it. 

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