Yusaku Maezawa (Image Courtesy of Space Adventures)

When Pokemon Go first came out in 2016, it allowed all of us to live out a lifelong fantasy. The possibility to roam the actual world in search of and capture Pokemon. The game has been a huge success, and you can play it anywhere.

Pokemon Go in Space

  • For some people, being able to play Pokemon Go from anywhere on the earth isn’t enough. Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese millionaire, wants to know if you can still play the game in space.
  • Since last week, Maezawa, his assistant, and their film producer are now located on the International Space Station. On Twitter, the millionaire just posted a time-lapse of one whole Earth orbit.

We can only speculate on what Maezawa’s team will discover until they play Pokemon Go and report back to us. It’s unlikely that Niantic would release region-specific Pokemon that are only available to trainees who reach space. Depending on how people on the ISS connect to the internet, Pokemon Go may believe he is simply traveling quickly over whatever part of the Earth is directly beneath him.

Image Courtesy of Pokemon Journeys

Though astronauts on the International Space Station can surf the internet, the most likely consequence is that the game will not work in space. But it’s dull, so let’s all cross our fingers that the entire generation nine is in space and a Japanese billionaire is ready to disrupt its reveal. Let’s stay tuned for more developments.

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