Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour is held every Tuesday evening from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. in your local timezone. Here are all the Spotlight Hour Details for July 5, 2022.

Pokemon GO: Spotlight Hour

The Spotlight Hour features the spawn rate of a certain pokemon including its shiny version. This week’s featured pokemon is Ledyba, a Bug and Flying-type Pokemon introduced in Generation II of the series. Ledyba evolves into its final evolution Ledyian

Spotlight Hour: Ledyba

Ledyba is a Bug and Flying-type Pokemon that evolves into a Ledian as its final evolution after giving it 25 Pokemon candies.


Image Courtesy via bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net
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As a Bug and Fying-type, Ledyba is vulnerable to Rock-, Flying-, Fire-, Electric-, and Ice-type moves/Pokemon. Although, it is resistant to Fighting-, Bug-, Grass- and Ground-type moves/Pokemon.

Element Table for Ledyba

Vulnerabilities % Damage Received Resistance % Damage Received
Rock 256% Bug 63%
Flying, Fire 160% Fighting, Grass 39%
Electric, Ice 160% Ground 24%


The shiny form of Ledian is available since the Mega Battle Challenge on the 11th of September 2020. This means that there is a chance that Shiny Ledyba will appear during the spotlight hour.

Ledyba Movesets and Stats

Ledyba has a maximum CP potential of 283 with 72 ATK, 118 Def, and 120 Stamina. Its quick moves are Bug Bite and Tackle while its charged moves are Aerial Acen, Swift, and Silver Wind. The recommended attacks are Bug Bite and Aerial ace which have the highest total DPS/attack.

For Ledian, it has a maximum CP potential of 1552 with 107 ATK, 179 Def, and 146Stamina. The recommended attacks are Bug Bite and Bug Buzz/Aerial Ace due to high DPS.

Here is the list of Movesets and Stats of Ledyba and Ledia

Pokemon Moveset Move Type / Attack Type DPS (Moves)
(Max Stats)

CP: 823
Atk: 72
Defense: 118
Stamina: 120
Bug Bite Quick Move / Bug 12.0
Tackle Quick Move / Normal 10.0
Aerial Ace Quick Move / Flying 27.5
Swift Charge Move / Normal 21.4
Silver Wind Charge Move / Bug 22.7
(Max Stats)
CP: 1522
Atk: 107
Defense: 179
Stamina: 146

Bug Bite Quick Move / Bug 12.0
 Struggle Bug Quick Move / Normal  12.0
 Aerial Ace Quick Move / Flying  27.5
 Bug Buzz Charge Move / Normal  32.4
 Silver Wind Charge Move / Bug  22.7


Spotlight Hour: Rewards

During the spotlight hour, players will be receiving an increased spawn rate of the spotlight Pokemon Ledyba wearing a TCG Hat and 2x XP for each Pokemon Catch. This would be an excellent time to catch up on EXP.

Spotlight Hour: Preparation

These are the things you need to prepare heading to each week’s spotlight hour.

  • Incense – You can buy this using Pokecoins
  • Pokemon Storage Box – Ensure your storage space have ample space not to waste time during the event.
  • Pokeballs – Well, you are here to catch them all. Bring as much as you can.
  • Pokemon Candy – To maximize your Pokemon’s potential, make sure to collect Pokemon Candies so you can evolve them.
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