Pokemon GO: June 2021 Community Day

Gible will be the spotlighted pocket creature throughout June 2021 Community Day. Niantic didn’t disclose many specifics but has now provided more description about what trainers can anticipate.

EVENT START: 6th of June, 11:00AM (local time)
EVENT END: 6th of June, 5:00PM (local time)

Gible, Gible, Gible

TYPE: Dragon and Ground
WEAKNESS: Ice, Fairy, Dragon
RESISTANCE: Rock, Poison, Fire, Electric
  • Throughout that period, Gible will emerge in the wild more regularly than usual and you’ll earn 3x as many EXP points capturing Pokemon. Additionally, incense burned during this occasion will last 3 hours instead of one!
  • To have a Garchomp that learns Earth Power, evolve Gabite (Gible’s Evolution) during the occasion or up to 2 hours later.
  • During Community Day, snap a few photos for a fun treat!
One-Time Purchase $1 Special Research
1,280 Pokecoins
50x Ultra Balls
5x Incense
5x Lucky Eggs
1x Elite Charged TM
1x Ticket Just A Nibble Special Research

Remember that you are not obligated to splurge any cash to take part in the Community Day celebrations. These products are only accessible to gamers who want to receive additional in-game content.

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