Pokemon Go Lure Stomp

Niantic’s Pokemon Go, has gained a very huge audience in just couple of weeks. There are over 9 million daily users and more than 100 million downloads, just on Android. The flowing wave of Pokemon Go has brought many Pokemon Go crawls, meet-ups and group events but we haven’t seen any lure stomps so far. Guess what? We’ll see a Pokemon Go Lure Stomp very soon, that too in Bangalore, India.

Pokemon Go Lure Stomp
“Nat Geo”

The team at Go-Lo-Go are the sole organizers of the upcoming Pokemon Go Lure Stomp Bangalore. Their aim is to unite passionate Indian Pokemon Trainers from across the country. What actually is the Lure Stomp? It’s an event where many lure modules will be installed in specific pokestops which will attract nearby pokemons. This will allow you to collect many pokemons in a specific place.


The event will take place on 31st July. It will run from 10:00 IST till 16:00 IST. Registrations are free and will run through out the event, which means you’ll be able to register at any time during the event hours.


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French Loaf, Richards Town, Bangalore.

Installation of Lure Modules

Lure modules will be installed at certain Poke Stops around French Loaf at 12:00 IST sharp. It’s highly recommended that you register yourself before the lure modules are installed. The lure modules will be installed for 4 hours which will attract nearby Pokemons and benefit you to catch many Pokemons during the duration.

Pokemon Go Lure Stomp

Poke Raffle

Along with the basic register-and-catch program, the event will include a special raffle – ‘Poke Raffle’. The cost of each ticket will be Rs. 15 through which you’ll get a 15% discount on French Loaf bills. This is by-far the best part of the event. Foodies, make sure to eat as much as you can! Lucky raffle winners will get a chance to win Pokemon T-Shirts, goodies and many more!

Pokemon Go Lure Stomp

Event Specials

French Loaf – official food and venue partner of the event, has made a special food menu for all the attendees of the event which will offer great discounts. The food you’ll order will be served in red and big Poke balls! (wish it’s true)

Pokemon Go Lure Stomp

You’ll also able to get your hands on Pokemon merchandise like t-shirts, caps, wrist-bands and much more for your desired team – Mystic, Valor or Instinct. All the merchandise will be available at affordable prices and we guarantee you about that.

You can also get recharge for mobile data packs at the event. (Rs. 5 extra charge)

There will be special prize for the registered trainer who will catch the highest CP Pokemon throughout the event.

Full Program

At 10:00 IST, event and registrations starts. You’ll then rest and chill at French Loaf until 12:00 IST, till the lure modules will be installed. You’ll be informed about the lure locations and further details will be provided. After 2 hours of luring, you’ll have a 30-min break in which you can have your food at French Loaf. After the break, there will be another 2 hour luring session and finally the event comes to an end.

Pokemon Go Lure Stomp

Every Pokemon fan out there is invited to this beautiful initiative event. Try your best to show up in the event and together we’ll have lots of fun! Spiel Times is glad to be the official media partner for the event.

Visit the official event page and stay updated with latest news related to Pokemon Go Lure Stomp Bangalore here at Spiel Times.