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Let’s begin May with a bang! Pokemon GO’s spotlight hour is back and is once again giving you another fun-filled weekly adventure.

Join us as we sift through this week’s Spotlight Hour details!

May 3 Pokemon Go: Spotlight Hour Details

  • Pokemon of the Day

The Pokemon on May 3’s Spotlight Hour will be Wingull. Wingull is a Water/Flying-type Pokémon introduced in Generation 3. Due to its appearance, it is most commonly known as the Seagull Pokémon.

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  • Is there a Shiny Wingull?

Yes, there is. You can catch a Wingull in its shiny form in Pokemon Go. Its appearance is similar to the common Wingull. But, instead of the blue stripes, the shiny variant has shades of green.

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  • Bonuses
    • The spotlight hour gives you a 2x bonus for earning candies when catching a Pokemon. What a great deal!

Who is Next Week’s Pokémon (May 10) In POKÉMON GO SPOTLIGHT HOUR?

The next Spotlight Hour Event will be held on May 10th, 2022. The Pokemon in the next Spotlight Hour Event is Numel.

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The Spotlight Hour is a weekly event given by Pokémon Go which features a surprise Pokémon for the day. Aside from the mystery Pokemon, players will also get a special bonus effect. The Spotlight Hour even takes place every Tuesday from 6:00 pm 7:00 pm (of your local time). During that, you can catch the chosen Pokémon as much as you can because it will spawn more frequently than the normal days.

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