Pokemon Go: New 2022 Events and Bonuses? New Leak Surfaces

We are more than halfway through January, and Pokemon Go events are scheduled for the month that is about to be completed. As Pokemon Go Community Day events have come to an end, players must be wondering what is to come next in the world of Pokemon.

A recent datamine of Pokemon Go has revealed information about upcoming content for the game. This includes quest text for Community Day Classic, Pokemon forums, bonuses, and Lunar New Year events. Read on to find out more about the leak.

The datamine is quite a huge one, bringing new information on a variety of things.
  • New Forms: The data showed that Alcremie will be getting two new forms. There is, however, no information on how the transition between the different forms of Alcremie will take place. A normal form Deoxys will also be added.
Image Courtesy: Pokemon
  • Stardust Bonuses: There will be a new way to earn Stardust in the game. Stardust is one of the most valuable items in Pokemon Go. The addition of a new way to obtain it can prove to be exciting and useful as well
  • Lunar New Year Event: The event will feature a Catch and Friendship Challenge. The details about the challenge are yet to be revealed. This will most probably be revealed only as the event gets closer.

Schedules Unknown

These are the most exciting and important parts of the data mine. However, there was no hint about any dates in relation to any of the features. However, it would be wise to keep an eye on the official channels of communication from Niantic. Moreover, the update log will be a good place to look for more details on when any of these new features will be added to the game.

While the information here might be very exciting for Trainers, it is best to take it with a pinch of salt. The data mine is said to be huge, and there might be major and minor changes happening to the features and content before they actually make it to the game.

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