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In this article, we will discuss the all-new social features in Pokemon GO plus details. Feel free to comment down below on what you think of this new feature. Enjoy!


New social elements built on Niantic’s future social app will be added to Pokemon GO, which will affect in-game interactions.

Niantic’s Future Messaging App

New social elements based on Niantic’s future messaging app have been disclosed in a Pokemon GO announcement. This may result in to change in how players interact. In an attempt to follow a Pokémon GO 2022 timeline released earlier this year, the game has undergone a few changes in recent months. However, Niantic’s ambition to get users outside their homes and engage with Pokemon GO as a network has come at a cost.

Niantic Adjustments

These adjustments have benefited its supporters, like the recent revamp of Pokemon GO’s Mega Evolution mechanics. However, the bulk has had a detrimental effect. The duration of Community Days has been reduced from six to three hours, and the Incense item has had its respawn rates returned to the same as on the year 2018 levels. Furthermore, expensive pricing for products and event passes has caused problems for several Pokemon GO supporters.

Issues and Future Fixes Coming 

  • These issues do not seem to get better following a recent patch from PokemonGo revealed improvements to Remote Raid Passes as well as new social functions.
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    As per the patch, the new social elements will find things simpler for Trainers to connect with one another, find new groups, and enjoy local raid battles. All will be built on Niantic’s communication app, which is presently being beta tested in certain places.

    Screengrab Courtesy of FilmVlogs via YouTube
  • Remote Raid Passes would no longer be included in the 1 PokeCoin Event Boxes, and a package of 3 would then cost 300 PokeCoins rather than the previous 250.
    • For local Raid Battle participants, Pokemon GO is incorporating Mega Energy and Rare Candy XL prizes.
    • The additional methods of communication may be beneficial to players in a nearby or in-person setting. But, some disagree with the removal of accessibility options.


  • Parents of younger players may be concerned about the new communication options in Pokémon GO once it is available.
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    • Apps with a chat service can bring young users in jeopardy that’s why features that show your location or publicize your position are especially risky. Because Pokemon Go is promoting community participation and gatherings, millennials may become reliant on dangerous elements in order to experience the game’s basic concept.
    • As a result, Pokémon GO will need to make the new social element, safe.
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