Hey, players! Got some time for some Pokemon GO news? If you’re curious about Gigalith’s Meteor Beam exclusive attack, and the arrival of Vivillon, you should stay with us here. Recently, Pokemon GO announced the upcoming Community Day which features the newest Pokemon addition — Roggenrola. If you’re familiar with its evolution, Roggenrola turns to Boldore, then fully evolves to its last form of Gigalith.

This Community Day’s featured attack is no other than Meteor Beam if you successfully reach Gigalith. On the other hand, what about Vivillon? Well, let’s just get on with it, shall we? Here’s what we know so far about Vivillon and Meteor Beam on Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO Meteor Beam

Let’s start with this coming attack. This Rock-type attack will be performed by Gigalith in the mobile AR game. Fans can say that this last evolution of Roggenrola is considered one of the best Rock-type Pokemons. By the way, GO’s Community Day happens on Sunday, September 18, 2022, so mark your calendars now!

  • According to the Pokemon GO Hub, they may have data mined information about this upcoming featured attack. The Meteor Beam is a Charged Move that does quite a damage to its opponents. Apparently, in Trainer Battles, it damages up to 120. It has 60 energy and has a 100% chance to raise the user’s Attack by one stage.
Pokemon GO Community Day featured attack
Image Courtesy of Pokemon GO Live
  • On the other hand, during Gym and Raid battles, this charged attack increases to 140 damage to its enemies. Also, its energy also raised to 100, 1.9 seconds duration, with a 1.0 – 1.9 seconds damage window.
  • Do note that these data mined information may still change, and may be final when the release comes nearer. However, if these won’t change, Gigalith can be considered a hard-hitting Rock-type Pokemon with this attack, but GO Hub mentions that it is not better than Terrakion or Rhyperior.

Is Pokemon Vivillon on GO?

To answer your question about this hard-to-get Pokemon, yes, Vivillon can be caught on Pokemon GO soon. The arrival of Vivillon in the game may have many questions from fans. So, we’ll list the information you may want to know below.

  • According to Pokemon data miners, @poke_miners on Twitter, they found huge pieces of information about the coming of Vivillon. If you want to check out their Tweet, peek below, it is dated a few days back on September 7th. There will be a special Vivillon in-game map called ‘Vivillon Habitat’ too!

  • It surely needs some patience, and friendships to have a chance to encounter this Pokemon. According to the data miners, a Vivillon map will be provided in the game. How does this work? Well, friendships. You have to collect Postcards from your in-game friends from different regions around the world, and if you save enough, a chance to encounter Vivillon happens.
Pokemon GO Vivillon postcards
Image Courtesy of Poke Miners
  • It surely needs some patience, and friendships to have a chance to encounter this Pokemon. According to the data miners, a Vivillon map will be provided in the game. How does this work? Well, patience and friendship: it is collecting and having in-game friends. “You get postcards from your friends in different regions around the world and if you save enough postcards from that region you can catch that Vivillon’s form.”

Regions to collect the postcards

Certainly, you’ve been thinking about the regions we were talking about. We got you covered, Trainers! We’ll list down all the regions and forms you may need for this adventure!

  • Archipelago
  • Continental
  • Elegant
  • Fancy
  • Garden
  • High Plains
  • Icy Snow
  • Jungle
  • Marine
  • Meadow
  • Modern
  • Monsoon
  • Ocean
  • Pokeball
  • Polar
  • River
  • Sandstorm
  • Savanna
  • Sun
  • Tundra

Postcards Bulk Deletion

After completing your collecting process, there may be extra postcards on your inventory. You may bulk delete these postcards, according to the data mined information of Poke Miners. Here’s what they found!

Pokemon GO Vivillon postcards deletion
Image Courtesy of Poke Miners

That’s it, Trainers! Get the Meteor Beam move, and gotta catch Vivillon!

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