Pokemon GO Trainer Calls Cops on Rival Taking Over Their Gym

A player has complained that the cops have been dispatched in order to repel them from conquering a rival Pokemon Go gym.

Gyms are among the most difficult things to overcome in the Pokémon augmented reality game for iOS and Android. Our communities and cities have more than enough gyms where we may test our prowess against the other teams’ lineup. This feature may occasionally lead to strange interactions, such as the one that recently took place and was exacerbated by a bogus call to the police.

Just recently, Reddit user darthmaclean was attempting to defeat a yellow team gym in Pokemon GO, according to his post on the site. In order to restrain him, other members of the opposing squad went to the gym and called the police. They then reported his attempt to take over their gym.

He explained that the police had come to his vehicle after getting a report that he had said something really unpleasant to one of the players. This is, of course, an attempt to sabotage him. It forced him to stop playing and respond to the cops.

So…last night i was fighting a yellow gym. a few people were defending it. They called the cops on me, and then reported my name as offensive. so i have to change my name. people are seriously butthurt now adays. did anyone else have something like this happen to them? from pokemongo

How far will you go for a game?

This was evidently a fabricated report in order to shift Darthmaclean’s attention from the invasion. In addition, he claims that the players also reported his Pokémon GO name to Niantic as part of this diversion scheme, so he had to change it.

This player’s Reddit post, which the forum administrators have since removed from the site, criticizes the actions of gym defenders and asks other players whether they’ve encountered anything similar; another player responds that he was once chased about in a car after defeating a gym defender.

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