Pokemon Go Player Catches 5 Shinies in Less Than 30 Minutes!

How lucky would you be to catch five shiny Pokemons, let alone do it in less than 30 minutes? That would be very impossible! Well, that was not the case for a Pokemon Go Trainer, ‘Harjot1807’.

Shiny Pokemon are rare versions of some of the Pokemons you love. They are definitely hard to find and might even take you forever.

‘Harjot1807’ expressed their excitement on the r/PokemonGo Reddit forum in a thread titled “5 shinies in less than 30 minutes my luck is insane.” 

In the picture above, Harjot1807 caught a Shiny Lillipup and then a Shiny Ferroseed four minutes apart. Surprisingly, the trainer then managed to find a Shiny Ledyba, Zubat, and another Shiny Ferroseed within seconds of each other.

5 shinies in less than 30 minutes
Photo Courtesy of Harjot1807 (via Reddit)

You’re already considered lucky if you catch one. Getting two? Super lucky, I guess. Bagging three shinies? That is insane luck there my friend, you are on fire! How about we catch four? Is Shiny Pokemon Charm a thing now, or are we tripping? How about five shinies in 30 minutes? Ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous!

His insane luck could never be replicated because this seems to happen only once in a million!

In a series of follow-up comments, the Go Trainer also confirmed that they had found all the Shiny Pokemon in the wild and was not the result of saving up multiple research rewards.

As we have said, Shiny Pokemons are extremely rare. To put into perspective, Shinies have only a 0.2% chance of appearing right in front of you. That is like 1 in every 500 Pokemons, and that is if you are patient enough to hunt them.

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They are rare, but they are also everywhere. Pokemon Go events like the Pokemon Spotlight Hour spawn a featured Pokemon more often in the game for an hour. This means that with more Pokemon spawning, there is also a higher chance of finding a Shiny version of that same Pokemon.

How many shinies have you caught in 30 mins? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.    

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