The month of September is action-packed for players of Pokemon Go, with the Season of Mischief beginning. Niantic, the developer of Pokemon Go, has organized a number of events to take place in September that include exciting additions to the roster of Pokemon, events, and activities.

For the first time ever in Pokemon Go, players will be able to catch the Mischief Pokemon, Hoopa! Celebrating Hoopa’s arrival, there will be a one-day event on the 5th of September that will feature various strange phenomena, something related to Hoopa.

Each Monday in September, players will be able to access a one-time-purchase bundle that will contain a Remote Raid Pass among other items for 1 PokeCoin.


From the 1st of September to the 1st of October, players can encounter Ditto in Research Breakthrough encounters. This also includes a chance to encounter a Shiny Ditto in the wild!


From September 1st till the 14th, Lugia with the attack Aeroblast will appear in five-star raids. During the same dates, Mega Slowbro will appear in Mega Raids. From 14th September till 1st October, different Pokemon will appear in five-star raids depending on players’ region, as follows-

  • Europe, Africa, Middle East, and India- Mesprit
  • Asia-Pacific- Uxie
  • The Americas and Greendland- Azelf

Players also have the chance of finding a shiny Pokemon for the first time in Pokemon Go! In addition, Mega Houndoom will appear in Mega Raids during this period.

Each Wednesday, there will be a Raid Hour event from 6 pm to 7 pm local time. On the 1st and 8th of the month, Lugia with Aeroblast will appear at the event. On the 15th, 22nd, and 29th, the region-based Pokemon will appear as mentioned above.


  • Each Tuesday, there will be a Spotlight Hour from 6-7 pm local time. Each Tuesday will feature a different Pokemon and a bonus too.
  • 7th: Spoink will be the spotlight, and players will receive twice the Stardust for capturing Pokemon.
  • 14th: Baltoy will be in the spotlight, and players will receive twice the XP for capturing Pokemon.
  • 21st: Skitty will be in the spotlight, and players will receive twice the Candy for capturing Pokemon.
  • 28th: Alolan Meowth will be in the spotlight, and players will receive twice the Candy for transferring Pokemon.


On the 19th of September, a Community Day event will take place from 11 am – 5pm local time, where features the Sea Otter Pokemon, Oshawott. It will appear frequently in the wild and near Pokestops with Rainy Lure Modules. Players who evolve Dewott, Oshawott’s evolution, during or two hours after the end of the event will get a Samurott that will know Charged Attack Hydro Cannon. It will also be able to learn Razor Shell at the end of the event with Charged TM.


  • Psychic Spectacular: From 8th September till the 13th of September, the Psychic Spectacular event will return along with some familiar faces, as well as a Pokemon making its debut.
  • Fashion Week: Pokemon that are dressed stylishly will make their debuts. Players can show off their fashionable Pokemon, avatar items, and more from the 21st of September till the 28th of September.
  • Missing Giovanni: The boss of Team GO Rocket, Giovanni seems to be missing, and Niantic has hinted that he might be planning something in the shadows! They have also said that Super Rocket radars will not be able to track Giovanni, so players will not need to keep them equipped.

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