Pokemon GO: Spotlight Hour Details (May 31, 2022)

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour is held every Tuesday evening from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. in your local timezone. Here are the Spotlight Hour Details for May 31, 2022.

Pokemon GO: Spotlight Hour

The Spotlight Hour features the spawn rate of a certain pokemon including its shiny version. This week’s featured pokemon is Pikipek, a Normal and Flying-type Pokemon introduced in Generation VII of the series. Pikipek evolves into Trumbeak which then evolves into Toucannon.

Spotlight Hour: Pikipek

Pikipek is a Normal and Flying-type Pokemon that needs 25 candies to evolve into a Trumbeak. Using 100 candies will evolve Trumbeak into a Toucannon, its final evolution.

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As a normal and flying pokemon, Pikipek is vulnerable to Rock-, Electric-, and Ice-type moves/Pokemon. Although, it is resistant to bugs, grass, ground, and ghost.

Element Table for Pikipek

(- 160% damage received)
% Damage Received Resistance % Damage Received
Rock 160% Bug 63%
Electric Grass
Ice Ground 39%


Unfortunately, Pikipek’s shiny version is still not released so we will not be seeing it for this spotlight hour. The only Alolan Pokemon with shiny versions are Yungoos and Rockyruff. If you are not familiar with Alola, it is the region where Pokemon Versions Sun and Moon and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon take place.

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Pikipek Movesets

Pikipek has a maximum CP potential of 1029 with 136 ATK, 59 Def, and 11 Stamina. Its quick moves are Peck and Rock attack while its charged moves are Drill Peck, Sky Attack, and Aerial Ace. For Pikipek, the recommended attacks are Peck and Sky Attack since it has the highest total DPS.

Here is the list of skills and stats of Pikipek, Trumbeak, and Toucannon

Pokemon Moveset Move Type / Attack Type DPS (Moves)
(Max Stats)

CP: 1029
Atk: 136
Defense: 59
Stamina: 111
Peck Quick Move / Flying 12
Rock Smash Quick Move / Fighting 11.5
Drill Peck Charge Move / Flying 33.9
Aerial Ace 27.5
Sky Attack 48
(Max Stats)

CP: 1671
Atk: 159
Defense: 100
Stamina: 146
Peck Quick Move / Flying 12
Rock Smash Quick Move / Fighting 11.5
Drill Peck Charge Move / Flying 33.9
Sky Attack 48
Rock Blast Charge Move / Rock 23.8
(Max Stats)

CP: 3040
Atk: 222
Defense: 146
Stamina: 190
Peck Quick Move / Flying 12
Rock Smash Quick Move / Fighting 11.5
Bullet Seed Quick Move / Grass 7.3
Flash Cannon Charge Move / Steel 37
Drill Peck Charge Move / Flying 33.9
Rock Blast Charge Move / Rock 23.8


Spotlight Hour: Rewards

During the spotlight hour, players will be receiving an increased spawn rate of the spotlight Pokemon Pikipek along with 2x XP for catching a pokemon. This would be a good time to catch up in XP so make sure not to miss this.

Spotlight Hour: Preparation

These are the things you need to prepare heading to each week’s spotlight hour.

  • Incense – You can buy this using Pokecoins
  • Pokemon Storage Box – Ensure your storage is clear to not waste time during the event.
  • Pokeballs – Well, you are here to catch them all. Bring as much as you can.
  • Pokemon Candy – To maximize your Pokemon’s potential, make sure to collect Pokemon Candies so you can evolve them.
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