The only representative of the fox household who hasn’t debuted into Pokemon Go is Eeveelution (Sylveon). But that may change soon!

Sylveon Debut

We can conclude that Sylveon will be added to Pokemon Go subsequently in the May event. This is based on the increasing focus on Fairy-type Pokemon. The latest speculations and leaks that showed the Pokemon’s silhouette on the latest login window!

  • If you have an Eevee once Sylveon is added, you can assure an evolution to Kira!
    • The most recent variant of the Pokemon.
  • If you modify your Eevee’s name to “Kira” and have sufficient Eevee Candy, your Eevee’s evolve icon should display a Sylveon silhouette!

Fairy-type Challenge

Event Start: 11th of May 10:00AM (local time)
Event End: 17th of May 8:00PM (local time)

It’s an excellent way to get all of these mystical Pokemon! It’s dropping just in time for the Luminous Legends X episode. Fairy-type Pokemon takes the spotlight together with Dragon-type Pokemon Goomy!

  • Although the event’s specifics are sparse, the main idea is that you’ll have to capture Fairy-type Pokemon.
  • The special incentive drop will be activated once the worldwide Pokemon Go community has caught 500 million of the elusive critters!
  • This is rumored to be 3X Catch XP, but Niantic has yet to verify this.

Challenge Progress

There is currently no way to measure the Challenge’s progress. Rather, Niantic has validated that you can follow their official Twitter to keep up with what’s going on.

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