Pokemon Go Top 5 Countries Revenue.

The mobile generation of AR games became widespread with the launch of Niantic’s Pokemon Go where you literally “go” and catch pokemon in real life.

You must remember how Pokemon Go craze took all over the world. Players not only went out to catch pokemon but participated in rallies, gathering events and cafe meetups to share their shared interest towards Pokemon and surely it generated a lot of revenue for the developer.

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As reported by data-collecting website Sensory Tower, Pokemon Go has surpassed $1.8 billion in total revenue. Even though the player activity dwindled down with time, players continued to spend around $2 million every single day. Even after 2 years after its launch, the game remains in the top ten in 21 different countries across the globe.

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United Stands stands on top of the “All-Time Player Spending – Top 5 Countries” chart, followed by Japan, Germany, Great Britain and Taiwan. Here’s the chart released by Sensory Tower –

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