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The trading button in Pokemon Go has been disabled by Niantic currently due to some unknown issue. The developers are working on it to resolve the issue.

Why is Trading disabled?

There were some reports that there is a glitch that was being exploited by some players to illegally gain in-game advantages. This bug has increased the chances of getting Lucky Pokémon when trading.

  • It costs half the amount of Stardust to power up a Lucky Pokémon. They also have a specific number of strong IVs and are a special type.
  • As long as the Pokémon is in the Trainer’s possession, the likelihood that it will become a Lucky Pokemon increases by five percent. Older Pokémon have a better probability of becoming Lucky than newer ones.

So this was the main reason behind disabling the Trading button in order to investigate an issue with the lucky friend feature. Until the Trading system is enabled, players have to spend candies to evolve their Pokémon.

Trading System

Pokemon Trading is an integral part to succeed in the game of becoming the best Pokémon trainer. So the decision to disable Pokémon Go trading as a result of a bug is a bummer to many players as this completely defeats the purpose of playing the game. Moreover, the players are not at all happy because it is happening during the first day of the new Power Plant event.

Moreover, the players are demanding compensation for the issue and it is most expected that Niantic will compensate players for this unscheduled maintenance on a core feature of the game.

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