Pokemon Go Unova Week Time, Tasks, Bonus, Complete Details
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The Pokemon Go Unova Week is about to begin, and you need to be prepared for it. Here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go Unova Week, time, research tasks, bonuses, and more.

Pokemon Go Unova Week Time – Start and End

The Pokemon GO Unova Week starts Friday, August 14, at 1 pm PDT (GMT -7). Unova Week ends on Friday, August 21, at 1 pm PDT (GMT -7).

  • Start Date: August 14, Friday, 1 pm PDT (GMT -7)
  • End Date: August 21, Friday, 1 pm PDT (GMT – 7)

Pokemon Go Unova Week Research Tasks

There will be a lot of amazing research tasks during the Unova week. Currently, however, we don’t have any details about these tasks. But we know that a Shiny form is coming on Friday, so there should be some interesting tasks for you.

Pokemon Go Unova Week Shiny Roggenrola

Get excited because Shiny Roggenrola is coming to this Unova Week. You can evolve it into Gigalith, which will change its red crystals into blue ones. The Gigalith looks gorgeous. Shiny Roggenrola changes to a dark purple from a bluish-gray color.

Don’t worry, as you can catch Roggenrola easily during the Unova Week in the wild and in Raids. So, keep your eyes out for it.

Pokemon Go Unova Week – Two New Pokemon – Bouffalant and Emolga

Emolga and Bouffalant are coming to Pokemon Go this Unova week. You can catch them during the week. To catch Emolga, you can easily find it in the wild and in hatching 7km Eggs. Sadly, Bouffalant will be available only in one region of the world.

Only players in New York City and its surrounding areas will be able to catch Bouffalant. This is because the Unova region is based in the United States. You can get Bouffalant in 5km Eggs as well.

Other Pokemon like Sewaddle, Cottonee, and Emolga will keep appearing for you to catch easily. 7km Eggs are the key to catching these Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Unova Week Raids

Genesect will be back and you can get its Shiny form during the Unova Week. There will be other Pokemon as well, which haven’t been revealed yet. Once we get the information, you’ll let you know.

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