Pokemon GO: What is Spoof? Is it Legal?

We’re back with another Pokemon GO-related news. Maybe you’ve tried doing this method before, just not in Pokemon GO. Anyway, let’s get to the basics. Pokemon GO is an augmented reality mobile game developed and published by Niantic Inc., alongside Nintendo and The Pokemon Company way back in 2016. The game requires you to move and explore around to look for Pokemon in your area. If it’s your first time reading about spoofs, we’ll tell you what is a spoof and if it’s legal to do so in Pokemon GO. Stay with us!

What is a Pokemon GO Spoof?

Alright, we’ll get straight to the point on what is a spoof. Spoofing is what you do to trick your phone’s GPS to make it believe that you are in another location in a different region. Got that?

  • Since the global pandemic happened, people needed to halt a few activities in their daily lives. Well, staying at home means you can’t simply find a Pokemon Gym or Pokemon at home, right? This is possibly how and when spoofing happened.
Pokemon GO Spoof map
Image Courtesy of PokeMap
  • Another reason for spoofing? If you’re having a hard time finding Pokestops or joining Raids, some try to trick the app via spoofing. I mean, Raids in Pokemon GO do offer the best encounter to Mega and Featured Pokemon in the game so you wouldn’t want to miss it. What do you do? You go spoofing.

Is spoofing legal in the game?

Certainly, if this is your question, then the answer is no. Why isn’t it legal? People have been bypassing the enjoyment of exploring by purposely finding an easier way to strengthen their Pokedex. Finding other Pokemon in another region sounds unfair for Trainers in the same region as you. Pokemon GO spoof is in the middle of good and bad, it’s confusing, but we do have a stand here.

  • You see, it should be beneficial for players in the rural area to join Raids, but not for Trainers with the mindset of taking over the world and catching all Pokemon, then getting into battles. Spoofing has to be a responsibility too if you are to continue doing it. But here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t spoof in Pokemon GO.
Pokemon GO Spoof mega raids
Image Courtesh of Niantic
    • Firstly, you wouldn’t want to let Pokemon GO to know you’re spoofing. The team behind the game can check a Trainer’s location by checking the IP address.
    • Also, the IP address may be used as strong evidence against the Trainers who are spoofing. If unfortunate events happen and you get caught, the worst thing they could do is ban you from the game. If you’re lucky enough to not get caught… congrats, I guess?
    • If you are about to ask how to spoof, this is also our last ‘why you shouldn’t spoof’ tip. Spoofing requires the use of a Virtual Private Network or VPN. Interestingly, almost all VPN applications do not come for free, instead, you’ll be needing real-life money.
Pokemon GO season of GO
Image Courtesy of Pokemon Go Live
  • At this rate, you may be balancing the pros and cons and thinking twice about whether to spoof or not to spoof. Again we say that spoofing is an illegal act to perform, so you better watch out if you plan to try and spoof your way in Pokemon GO.

We’ll leave you to it, Trainers. Go and catch ‘em all!

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