Pokemon GO x EGX London 2022 event

Get your navigation maps ready as Pokemon GO sets to arrive in London on September 2022. EGX London 2022 is one of the biggest video game events to date. The event happens from September 22nd to 25th in ExCel London. And if you find yourself familiar with ExCel London, you’re right, that’s where Pokemon Worlds happened.

Before the global pandemic paused the world’s lives and activities, EGX has been an annual event for gamers in the U.K. And now it’s back, and better with Pokemon GO x EGX London 2022, watch out! Keep reading to know more about the schedule, how to join the event, and the different Pokemon you can catch.

About Pokemon GO x EGX London 2022

Are you ready to know the schedule for the Pokemon GO x EGX London 2022? If so, we’ll lay them out here for you.

Field Research Tasks? Check. New Pokemon? Check. Lure Modules? Check. The Pokemon GO x EGX London 2022 has loads in store for Trainers who’ll be lucky enough to attend the event.

  • If you are not familiar with EGX, we’ll briefly discuss it here for you. Previously it was known as Eurogamer Expo, it is a fair where gamers from the United Kingdom and Germany gather in this annual event. Know new title games, join events, and meet co-gamers in EGX!
  • To start, you should know the most important thing first. Remember that this EGX London 2022 is exclusive to all the players who physically attend the event.

  • To start with the Pokemon GO event, you may encounter Lure Modules that will last for six long hours.
  • No, that wasn’t a typo. Lure Modules last for six hours during the four-day event. Pretty exciting? There’s more coming your way! Here’s what Trainers can expect at the Pokemon GO x EGX London 2022 event:

Field Research Tasks

  • Yes, the Field Research Tasks, of course, you wouldn’t want to miss it for the world. Encounter three new Pokemon when you complete the tasks! Prepare yourselves to see E, G, and X during the event.
  • These Pokemon are better known as Joltik, Porygon, and Unown! To give you a refresher, here are their descriptions:
    • Joltik: This Bug- and Electric-type Pokemon came from the Unova region. Joltik hails from a two-member family and it evolves to its last form in Galvantula. In Pokemon GO, its Charged Attacks include Bug Buzz, Cross Poison, and Discharge. Feed it with 50 candies, and it will evolve into Galvantula.
Image Courtesy of Pokemon GO Wiki
    • Unown: On the other hand, this Psychic-type Pokemon hails from the Johto region. You may not see this creature evolving, but you can see it change into different forms. All in all, there are 28 different forms, and for the event, forms E, G, and X may be caught!

      • The Pokemon GO x EGX 2022 event is a great opportunity to catch this one since it’s one of the rarest Pokemon to catch in the AR game.

Pokemon GO Unown

    • Porygon: Lastly, Porygon is a Normal-type Pokemon that came from the Kanto region. It belongs to a three-member family which evolves to Porygon2 and to Porygon-Z. If you’re lucky, you may find a shiny one during the event! Are you ready to know how to catch one?

Image Courtesy of Pokemon GO Wiki

How to catch Porygon in the Pokemon GO x EGX London 2022

Want to know if a Porygon can be caught at the event? You’ll be more than glad to hear that YES, you have the chance to catch Porygon at the EGX London event happening soon! Here’s how to catch Porygon:

  • Have a chance to get Porygon, along with other featured Pokemon, Joltik, and Unown during the event. You just have to remember one thing, and one goal: to explore the area and catch these Pokemon!

Joltik Porygon Unown

  • Make sure you accomplish the Field Research Tasks. After completing the Field Research Tasks, you may have an encounter with any (or if you finished all tasks, maybe all three) Pokemon.
  • Take the chance, ready your battling skills and Poke Balls, and you’re good to go. You got this, Trainers!

How to join the September 2022 event?

Tickets went on sale last May 10th but don’t worry, tickets are still available for sale! Secure your tickets, and let the show and catching begin!

  • There are four varieties of tickets to choose from. Each ticket type depends on what you want to access as well as which days you’re available to attend. Here are all the details for the tickets:
Pokemon GO x EGX London 2022
Image Courtesy of EGX

Super Pass Ticket

£75 + Booking Fee

Purchase link here!

  • Access to the show at 10 am across all 4 days
  • Entry to EGX After Hours (Thursday – Saturday Only)
  • Exclusive EGX2022 Super Pass Pin Badge
  • Super Pass Lanyard and Event Guide Insert
  • Super Pass discount in EGX merch shop (15% off)
  • Super Pass Tote Bag

Early Entry Ticket

£24 + Booking Fee

Purchase link here!

  • Access to the show at 10 am across the selected day
  • Access to EGX After Hours (Thursday – Saturday)

Day Ticket

£22 + Booking Fee

Purchase link here!

  • Access to the show at 11 am across the selected day
  • Access to EGX After Hours (Thursday – Saturday)

Afternoon Ticket

£15 + Booking Fee

Purchase link here!

  • Access to the show at 2 pm across the selected day
  • Access to EGX After Hours (Thursday – Saturday)

That’s it. We wish you luck to catch ’em all, Trainers!

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