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After announcing Serena’s come back to the anime, fans of Pokemon Journeys are very much thrilled. In the anime Pokemon Journeys, Ash Ketchum and Pikachu embark on new adventures, bringing with them a new generation of fans. The program is taking risks that fans might only imagine.

The series has taken Ash all around the Pokemon world, and he’s met up with some major characters along the way. Pokemon has been around for nearly two decades, and the anime adaptation is still going strong.

Who is Serena?

Serena debuted in Kalos as a Pokémon Performer and a previous traveling companion of Ash. Professor Sycamore gave her a Fennekin as her very first Pokémon.

What Happened When Ash and Serena First Met?

Serena was sent to Kanto to participate in Professor Oak’s Pokémon Summer Camp. She got lost in the woods one day while at the camp and was frightened by a Poliwag, falling to the ground and injuring her knee. Then she ran across Ash Ketchum, who was on the lookout for the same Poliwag, and happened to come across Serena.

When he saw her injured knee, he took out a handkerchief and tied it around it, telling her it was a good-luck charm and that the agony would go away. When Serena’s knee hurt, even more, Ash reminded her, “Don’t give up till it’s over,” and helped her up before leading her out of the woods.

She returned to Kalos after that, carrying the handkerchief and the memory of her interaction with Ash with her. <3 

Fans are so happy with the girl’s return. Serena is undoubtedly one of Ash’s most dependable allies, and she is a fan favorite. Serena, a former Pokemon trainer and beauty pageant contestant, not only grew as a trainer and a beauty contestant during the anime, but her friendship with Ash has sparked speculation about whether she may be Ash’s love interest.

After all, the Pokemon community has been cheering for the couple for years, and Serena kissed Ash goodbye when they first met. Fans are looking forward to seeing how the trainers reunite in the next episode of Pokemon Journeys.

Fans React to Serena’s Return with Love and Support

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