Screengrab Courtesy of FP Good Game via YouTube

Players in Pokemon Legends: Arceus will have two of the three Red Chain components by the time they reach Lake Valor. Only another Alpha Pokemon and the third and final Lake Guardian Trial stand in their way. Instead of making Pokemon Legends: Arceus players answer questions like its fellow Lake Guardians, Azelf has something special planned for them.


When you get to Lake Valor, the Arc Phone will activate and open a portal to the Valor Cavern. Inside, players will encounter a Level 58 Alpha Overqwil who must be defeated before Azelf appears. Players can either catch or KO Overqwil, but they’ll need a good counter to do so.

Screengrab Courtesy of FP Good Game via YouTube

Overqwil is exclusively vulnerable to Ground-type attacks because it is a Dark / Poison-type Pokemon. Double-Edge, Poison Jab, and Aqua Tail are its attacking moves. Players should avoid anything that is weak to Normal, Poison, or Water-type strikes. Overqwil has a decent Attack stat and can deal some serious damage if the scenario allows.

Garchomp is a fantastic counter for those who already have it. Those who don’t can always capture a Gible in the Coronet Highlands’ Wayward Cave location and evolve it. Torterra, which may be caught in its unevolved form Turtwig in the area surrounding Lake Valor, is another good choice. Other solutions will work as well, as long as they are fast and large.

Hit Azelf with a Balm

Azelf will emerge once players have defeated or captured Overqwil and challenge them to hit it with a Marsh Balm. Hitting the small Legendary is impossible at first due to it teleporting out of the way once a weapon gets too close. Azelf will ask players whether they want to quit several times, but it’s critical that they choose “I’m not done yet” each time.

Players will finally be able to hit Azelf with a balm after refusing to give up three or four times. It will reward them with the Azelf’s Fang key item. Players will be immediately transported to the Coronet Highlands after they have the third and final Red Chain component in their possession. The Red Chain will be formed there, in the Celestica Ruins, bringing the game’s final main plot boss fight closer.

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