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Pokemon Legends Arceus introduces plenty of fresh elements to the Pokemon installment. So when does it come out?

During the recent Pokemon Presents, the company confirmed an all-new title and possible series. Pokemon Legends Arceus was unveiled as a game that will transport gamers to the Sinnoh territory, in which the first Pokedex was created.

This was announced at the same time as the release of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl. The topic now is when Pokemon Legends Arceus will be launched.

Pokemon Legends Arceus

To begin with, it appears to add even more open-world elements to the Pokemon franchise. The game appears to be entirely open-world in nature.

While the combat appeared to be very close to the mainline titles, capturing Pokemon did not. It’s still unclear whether or not gamers have to fight Pokemon prior to capturing them.

Game Release Date

In terms of the release date, Pokemon Legends Arceus will be out in early 2022. The exact date is TBD.

Four Games in A Year?

This indicates that Pokemon followers will have a lot of new content to look forward to. You will have more than enough games to play with Pokemon Unite set to release in 2021, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl due out at the close of 2021, and now Pokemon Legends Arceus. It’s incredible for fans to get 4 games in a year. Maybe 5 if Diamond and Shining Pearl are separate. It’s something Pokemon hasn’t done previously!

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