Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master is about the final time we will be seeing the iconic Ash-Pikachu duo, which have for around 25 years. Having grown up watching these two battle with everything they’ve got for their goal, one is bound to be elated. Pokemon Anime seems to be driven to gift you the finest grit of Ash and Pikachu emotional nostalgia.

Is Pokemon Anime coming to an end, along with Ash and Pikachu as well?

Pokemon Aim to be a pokemon master episode 6
Ash, Misty and Brock in the latest episode of the new Pokemon Anime, Image via @AnipokeFandom Twitter User
  • The Pokemon series is currently airing its final batch of episodes featuring Ash Ketchum bidding farewell to the anime world after his 25-year journey.
  • The series has announced a new era with a fresh set of trainers starting their journey from scratch, marking the end of Ash’s legacy and potentially saying goodbye to Pikachu as well.

After Ash’s epic League Win finally in the previous Pokemon Journeys anime. What awaits fans now is an eventual “The End” at the end of the final episode. One that will not say “to be continued”

How did the Latest Episode of Pokemon Anime make Ash and Pikachu’s emotional scene?

New Pokemon Anime
Ash sees Pikachu’s memories in the moon, Image via @AnipokeFandom Twitter User
  • The latest episode of the show brought a wave of emotions to fans as it took them on a heartfelt journey down memory lane, showcasing the long and eventful journey of Ash and his beloved companion Pikachu.
  • The latest episode of Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master has been a nostalgic adventure for Ash, who has been reuniting with many old friends from the Kanto region days.

In episode 6 of Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master, Ash and Pikachu are separated when Pikachu gets caught up in an explosion that launches Team Rocket into the air.

During their separation, Ash and Pikachu share a touching moment where they both gaze at the moon. This scene prompts them to reminisce about their experiences over the past 25 years.

Showcasing some of their most memorable moments from the franchise. It’s a poignant reminder that we’ll soon have to bid farewell to this beloved duo.

What exactly happens in Pokemon Aim To Be A Pocket Master Episode 6?

Ash and Pikachu Emotional Moment
Ash looks up at the moon, Image via @AnipokeFandom Twitter User

In this episode, the separation of Ash and Pikachu takes the storyline to a new level, reminiscent of some of the anime’s most classic episodes. This emotional development tugs at the heartstrings of fans as Ash and Pikachu reflect on the time they have spent together in the poignant scene.

Team Rocket, Meowth and Pikachu’s age-old rival-friendship

Ash and Pikachu and Meowth?

The episode’s another major treat has been the continuation of Team Rocket’s usual foolery. Couple this with the return of Ash’s oldest friends, Brock and Misty. After the explosion, Pikachu and Ash are separated.

This leaves Pikachu stranded with Meowth, and they spend a full day and night on their own. This isn’t the first time Pikachu has been stranded along with Team Rocket’s Meowth. If anything, the two Pokemon have even shared a countable brotherhood moment before.


Ash and Pikachu share a strong bond, so much so that they can anticipate each other’s moves. And as it has to be eventually, they reunite before the episode ends. Although prior to this reunion, fans see a nostalgic retreat.

As both Ash and Pikachu (each separately) look at the moon above, they see glimpses of all the journeys that they have endeavored through together. This may have left you smiling. While it definitely left me shedding some tears.

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