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In a surprise announcement during Pokemon Day 2022 Celebration, a new generation of Pokemon appeared. The trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet featured an all-new region and Gen 9 Pokemon. It looks like this game will be taking inspiration from some of their recent successes, like Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Open World

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be the first main series game with an open world feature. According to the Pokemon company, towns will seamlessly blend into the wilderness. Players will have the opportunity to see Pokemon wherever they are in the world.

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Three new Pokemon appeared during the announcement. These will be the three new starters, as is the tradition with every new generation. They are:

  1. Fuecoco: A laid-back fire crocodile Pokemon that “does things at its own pace.”
  2. Sprigatito: An attention-seeking grass cat Pokemon that can change its mood at a whim.
  3. Quaxly: A tidy water duckling Pokemon that can show intense conviction when they’re motivated.
Image Courtesy of Game Freak

Release Date

According to the trailer, the new generation of Pokemon will release late in 2022. That means that we may see more promotions this year, including in-game collaborations with other Pokemon titles. It would be surprising to see a Pokemon Go and TCG event commemorating the new releases.

Other Information

There is no information about the differences between the two versions shared yet. The expectation is that each will have their exclusives, as with previous main series games. As with the recent titles, we may also see region-exclusive versions of familiar Pokemon of past generations.

The Pokemon Company also hasn’t released any information about the new region. Fans are both excited and concerned about the pace they’ve been releasing games.

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