Whoosh whoosh, there’s news in the town. And it’s not just any town, it’s from your favorite region – Paldea. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players see an onslaught (not the best words) of a new Pocket Monster friend – Kingambit. What is it, and who is it? Here’s Kingambit explained.

The (literal) sharpness of Kingambit is no joke

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
An evolved Kingambit, Image courtesy of IGN

The onslaught word I used earlier has a poetic denotation. Kingambit is a Pokemon whose appearance is that of a samurai. With red and black accents, and a Samurai Kabuto (helmet).

But sticking out of its head like a cousin buddy of Pinsar is its rotary blades. That comes from its past remnant, Bisharp, which is its earlier evolution form. The blades feel pretty much like a machete. The Machete horn is not of no use either.

Kingambit’s specialty

Kowtow Cleave
Kowtow Cleave in motion, Image courtesy of bulbapedia

It is the only known Pokemon so far of Generation IX capable of learning the move Kowtow Cleave. It is also the only known Pokemon so far that can have Supreme Overlord as an ability.

And the thing about Kowtow Cleave is that if the Pokemon has sharpness, the attack move’s damage capacity increases by 50%. Now you know why the Machette is useful.

  1. The Kowtow Cleave is special because it never misses. It can not miss. Although what specifies such a condition is not relatively clear. For example, can it hit Arceus? That’s a debate right there.
  2. The Supreme Overlord’s ability tows Kingambit with a 10% increase in Attack and Special attack for each member of the party that is currently fainted. But the conditions for attaining Supreme Overlord are not that simple.
    1. A Bisharp, when evolving, must be the owner of the ability of Inner Focus. In some sense, the ability also evolves into Supreme Overlord.

How to defeat a Kingambit if you encounter one

Kingambit explained
Image courtesy of IGN guide video on how to evolve Kingambit
  • Personally, I love offense-type Pokemon. Purely because they get the game ending quickly so long as you use them right. Although a heavy defense and a mild attack-oriented Pokemon will be a good duo against it.
  • Given that it is a Dark type, Bug, Fairy, and Fighting-type Pokemon will do heavy damage against the Kingambit.

How to evolve a Kingambit in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

  1. To truly understand a pokemon, it is inevitable that you must understand how it evolves. Take Pawniard into Level 52 and he’ll be evolving into Bisharp no fret.
  2. But to evolve Bisharp into the Machette-sword-wielding slaughtering menace, it must –
    1. Hold Leader’s Crest and
    2. Defeat three other Bisharp which are surrounded by a colony of Pawniard. Gosh, that feels like work.

But why is it so? Because the official lore is such that only the strongest Bisharp evolves into Kingambit. Meaning that it’s the de facto alpha male of the colony that transcends and not the whiny scaredy cat of a Bisharp.


Kingambit has long black hair that shields its back. Its type is Dark and Steel. Standing tall at about 6’07” and weighing about 264.6 pounds. Its highest base stat is still that of attack. Its steel and dark types move will help it surf through using heavy offense.

That’s all you need to know theoretically about Kingambit. The next is going out there and getting your Bisharp into one. All the best, let us know if you succeeded in getting it done.

SOURCES: bulbapedia

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