Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may have you running around the terrains surrounding south of the Asado desert in hopes of finding a Tinkatink. Even more so in the hopes that you can evolve it into a Tinkaton. Here are the strength and weaknesses of Tinkaton, one that will guide you in coming up with a proper battle strategy against your opponents.

Introducing Tinkaton

Tinktaton was introduced in Generation IX. As part of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet installments ranging in the region named Paldea. Tinktaton is the direct third evolutionary form of Tinkatink.

  • As a fairy and steel type, Tinkaton carries a giant rock hammer that can plummet opponents (or so it seems). The official description describes Tinkaton as usually calm and innocent, but capable of cruelty if it has to. That feels quite contradictory of its fairy-type nature.

Tinkaton’s hammer weighs over 220 pounds. It can knock out any Steel-type Pokemon with its signature move Gigaton Hammer. That’s too many weight metrics right there.

The following are Tinktaton’s base stats – 

Tinkaton Status  Status Points
1. HP 85
2. Attack 75
3. Defense 77
4. Special Attack 70
5. Special Defense 105
6. Speed 94
7. Total 506

Tinkaton Guide – Understanding how to utilize Pokemon Types

Tinkaton Guide
Tinkaton in Pokedex, image courtesy of Bulbapedia

The way to understand the weaknesses and strengths of Tinktaton isn’t something very new. For the knowledge on how to tackle a Fairy and Steel-type Pokemon have existed for a very long time.

Although there might be a few instances where its unique ability leads to certain variations in our strategy to form. This ability of Tinktaton, which is introduced only was Generation IV, may lead to some variations

Understanding Move-types and Pokemon-types

  • It’s also necessary to understand that the type of Pokemon will affect the kind of moves it can learn. Water-type Pokemon (like Lapras) can learn water-type moves (like Surf, Waterfall, Hydro Cannon).

For example, Fairy-type Pokemon can hardly ever learn Dark-type or Ghost-type moves. Steel-types can never learn Water-type moves.

When an opposite type Pokemon can learn a Movie

The only time when a Steel-type can learn Water-type moves is if the pokemon has both these attributes within him.

Tinkaton Strength
Image courtesy of Bulbapedia
  1. Empoleon for one example can execute both Steel type and Water-type attacks. Some weird and unique variations sometimes make Pokemon of absolute polar types.
Image courtesy of Bulbapedia
  1. Volcanion for another example is both Fire and Water-type.

What I mean here is that the right way to understand the strength or weakness of any Pokemon, be it Tinkaton or any for that matter, is to understand

  • It’s nature type
  • It’s unique ability

Weaknesses of Tinkaton

Tinkaton Weakness

  • The primary weakness of Fairy-type Pokemon is Poison and Steel-type attacks. As for Steel-types, your worst nightmare is a Ground-type or Fire-Type. Fighting-Type attacks can also be a deal breaker.

The dual nature of Tinkaton

Tinkaton is a weird mix of Fairy and Steel. Usually, Steel-type moves are deadly against Fairy-type moves. So in that department, Tinkaton is a lucky egg. For it can learn both varieties of these types of moves.

Tinkaton Strengths

  • Tinkaton is also immune to Poison and Dragon moves. It is resistant to Normal, Flying, Rock, Bug, Grass, Psychic, Ice, Dark, and Fairy-type attacks. Implying that although attacks of these kinds will affect your Hammer buddy, they won’t be brutal.

When fighting with Tinkaton

But if you ever see a Pokemon that can carry off Ground or Fire-type moves, you better switch. And as fast as you can, at top of that.

One department of this Tinkaton Guide is to inform you of its high Special Defense. So Physical Attacks against a strong-type pokemon (such as Ground or Fire) will work. But it’s still a last resistance, and not recommended as your get-to strategy.

When you are fighting against/battling Tinkaton

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Courtesy of Youtube Channel of foofootoo.

If you are battling Tinkaton, make sure you leave the Pokemon types mentioned above out. Do not go into a battle with Tinkaton with a Poison or Dragon-type Pokemon, unless these Pokemon have dual types (such as a Dragon and Steel). Tinkaton is capable of learning Dark-moves, so leave our Psychic and Ghost-type friends.

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