Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Who is Gimmighoul?

Pokemon Generation IX has introduced to us a wide range of Scarlet and Violent Pokemons. Not that they themselves are colored as such, but because they are part of the latest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games coming to Nintendo Switch soon. We already covered the starters confirmed so far in the games, today we are happy to introduce a new ghost-type. Who is Gimmighoul in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? 

Introducing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gimmighoul 

Roaming Gimmighoul
A Roaming Gimmighoul via scarletviolet.pokemon.com

Gimmighoul may give you the false countenance of being shy, for it shies away within a treasured chest. The sturdy and durable treasure chests give Gimmighouls a good share of defensive maneuvers. While it is also true that the weight of the metal Hardings at the same time pulls apart their speed.

  • The official Pokemon Scarlet and Violet page describes the lores in the Paldea region, which seems to be based on the Iberian Peninsula.
  • As the tales have it, many trainers have mistaken a Gimmighoul to be a treasure chase; taking them home or even selling em’ Ghost-types to the antic store. 

How this would feel in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gameplay

Gimmighoul Chest Form
Chest Form Gimmighoul via scarletviolet.pokemon.com

In gameplay, this would translate to how the Pokemon behaves in the battle.

  1. A lack of speed will give it a definitive drawback whenever a faster opponent is tackled against it. Although stats could always be improved, the base of Gimmighoul will always remain defense-oriented.
  2. This isn’t bad, I mean specializing in one aspect isn’t off-balancing so long as the rest of your Pokemon roster balances it up. Have a high-speed flying type to get you where you need to go. A defensive type can do wonders against a heavy attack type. For high-attack examples, imagine Arcanine for the older generations and Spectrier for the last Generation.

The tale of Chest Form Gimmighoul in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Chest Form Gimmighoul
Gimmighoul in his enclosed chest, via scarletviolet.pokemon.com
  • The tale of Gimmighoul is that it controls people and other Pokemon.
    • In its fanciest kinks is the greed of collecting more coins – as much as it can.
  • Hence, Gimmighoul makes its subject collect coins for it.
    • It craftily hides under warehouses, shops corners, and anywhere that is dark, and shady but also money-grabbing.
    • Expect to encounter Gimmighoul in urban abandoned factories or any shady part of the city for that matter.

Roaming Gimmighoul isn’t necessarily ghost-type

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Gimmighoul as playable in the game Scarlet and Violet by Gamefreak, courtesy of scarletviolet.pokemon.com

Gimmighoul has another form in which he isn’t part of the chest. In this form, he is roaming, wild and free. His speed should heavily increase with an obvious defect in the defense.

  • It’s small and carries a big coin behind its back. The official site describes them as quite swift on their feet, and that no normal trainer has ever caught them.
Pokemon Go Gameplay
Pokemon Go features Gimmighoul via scarletviolet.pokemon.com
  • A roaming Gimmighoul doesn’t brainwash you into collecting his coins however, he does it himself.
    • Pokemon GO has also apparently introduced this fella. It seems to tag along trainers who pick up certain mystery coins.

This roaming form’s type is not confirmed to be a ghost type and may be something different. In my bets, it may be both psychic and ghost types.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Chest Form
via scarletviolet.pokemon.com

Chest Form Gimmighoul in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was initially teased through a special website. The website showcased Gimmighoul’s chest and a counter that ticked every few hours, filling the inside with coins. The counter reached 999 on November 6 2022 and the site redirected to the new page of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Standing at a height of 0.3 m and weighing 11 lbs, the Ghost-type cutie will be menacing mischief, like all Ghost-types usually are. We wish you the best in finding this cold-coin collector in Pokemon Go, but also in the very ambitious Pokemon Scarlet and Violet itself when it releases.

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