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With the arrival of Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet comes a new roster of characters you can interact with as you set out to be the very best. However, one particular Gym Leader caught the hearts of many gamers as they felt like they could relate to him. So if you’ve been trying to get into Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet, you might have seen the community post memes about Larry but who exactly is he? Stay with us to get to know who Larry is in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet! Quick heads up that this article may contain spoilers about the game. Read at your own risk!

Larry is a new Gym Leader in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet ran into a lot of problems at release. From minor glitches that humored many to major glitches which caused the game to crash, long-time fans of the video game series were frustrated. However, a silver lining in the form of a Gym Leader made the game worth playing despite its issues. One of the eight Gym Leaders you encounter in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet is a man named Larry. At this point, you may be wondering: who is Larry and why does the Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet community love him?

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  • Larry is the Normal-type Gym Leader you encounter on your adventures in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet. Trainers can encounter him when they reach Medali gym. Seen as he is the Normal-type Gym Leader, nothing about him screams special. Aside from his rugged looks, nothing really stands out about Larry.
  • However, Trainers all over absolutely love Larry because of how much they can relate to him. Larry’s suit and demeanor say it all: he is an office worker who is obviously unhappy with how things are going for him. Even though he lives in a world where Pokemon exist, that still doesn’t take away the fact that Larry is overworked and exhausted about life in general.
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Screengrab Courtesy of 100% Guides via YouTube
  • A lot of Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet’s players belong to the Gen Z and Millennial generations. With how things have been going in the world lately, it’s understandable why they relate to his character so much. Despite living in a fantasy world, it’s not enough to make you happy if you are exhausted from working an office job.

Players are happy a character like him is part of the franchise

Larry is loved in the Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet community because of how different he is compared to the other Gym Leaders. When players encounter him, he is quite transparent with how he feels about life.

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Screengrab Courtesy of 100% Guides via YouTube
  • It’s also important to note that he is a Gym Leader because his boss told him so. Unlike the other Gym Leaders, Larry is there not because he wants to, but only because it’s part of his job.
Screengrab Courtesy of 100% Guides via YouTube
  • He doesn’t have any flashy gimmicks like the other Gym Leaders, and he even takes it as a compliment when you beat him. All he wants is to do his job well and get paid. Despite being an office worker, Larry is one of the most skilled Pokemon trainers in the region.

It’s surprising to see Game Freak include a character like him. Nonetheless, we’re more than here for it! It would be nice to see Larry in the next Pokemon game, or maybe someone new who’s as relatable as the Medali Gym Leader was.

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What are your thoughts on Larry’s character in Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet? In our opinion, he was the perfect embodiment of struggling Gen Zs and Millennials nowadays. Let us know in the comments below! Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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