Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, new specie, what we know so far

Alright, now we’re back on track with our Pokemon news, here’s what we got. So, The Pokemon Company announced the arrival of two new installments of the Pokemon RPG series. The 9th generation, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet come to fans on November 18th, so if you haven’t pre-ordered yet, you may want to do so! But, there’s circulating news of a potential new specie coming in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and here’s what we know so far.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet New Specie

The first question you probably asked is what made us think that there’s a new specie coming? Well, this could be answered by Pokemon’s Tweet last August 29th, so any guesses what this could mean?

  • This is followed by another Tweet the next day consisting of another set of photos. And mhmm, we got a name for the brand new Pokemon! So we now have these interesting markings… and the name Grafaiai.

  • Well, if we are to think what Grafaiai is hmm, probably a monkey type. Since it leaves markings on branches and around the forests, a wild monkey perhaps? Fans do hint about it being a type of lemur. Hmm, a monkey or lemur who loves to spray paint, something along those lines.

Meet Grafaiai

And of course, your endless thinking about Grafaiai could end now because Pokemon introduced the newest Pokemon a few weeks ago.

  • The newest addition to the lineup of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet belongs to the toxic Monkey Pokemon clan. It holds a dual-type, a Poison and Normal Pokemon right here.
  • Grafaiai is said to be a territorial Pokemon so you may want to watch and step out of its territory just to be safe.
  • It looks kind of scary and cool at the same time. Its face, especially those big eyes, paired with those pink and blue fingers. The colors may be cute but yep, that’s the poison right there.
Pokemon Grafaiai
Image Courtesy of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet
  • So what we thought was the spray paint was its actual poison. It sets up those poison traps around its place. Grafaiai is nocturnal and marks the trees and branches that belong to “its territory”.
  • Additionally, it specializes in its poisonous saliva, so when danger comes near, it is more poisonous. It spits at its opponents to attack or slash them with its coated poison claw. Pretty sure Grafaiai is deadly…

A possibility

An avid fan (or an active player) on Twitter, @byjordanwolfe, made a thread about this upcoming specie in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. He mentioned a Trainer-type shown in a previous trailer who wears a gas mask and holds a spray paint which is very much (come to think of it) associated with the Grafaiai teasers.

  • Near its name Grafaiai, “aiai” or aye-aye is a Madagascar native nocturnal lemur. If you can see the side-by-side photo below, pretty sure you’ll the similarities between the two. Also, peek at the thread that the fan made on Twitter!

Pokemon Scarlet Violet grafaiai and ayeaye

  • Lastly, since Grafaiai is a Poison and Normal-type, it would make it the first of this type in the game series. So this is exciting and interesting to see!

This is all we have for now, Trainers! Gotta catch this new one?

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