Pokemon Squishmallows Restock: When & where to buy in the US?

There’s a certain aura about pillows that feel like a stuffed animal. Keeping aside the fact that there’s this enigmatic association of the animanga fandom with waifu pillow kinks for now, we must acknowledge that Pokemon ‘Squishmallows’ are one of a kind. And the good news is they will return! And you may be wondering about their cost and where to buy them.

What are Pokemon Squishmallows?

Where to buy Pokemon Pikachu Squishmallow
Image Courtesy of Pokemon Center
  • Squishmallows are Pokemon Merchandise that is a mix of pillows and stuffed animals. They’re this fluffy Pokemon (Animal) stuff toy that can also be used as a pillow. The sales went skyrocketing upon their release.

And people have been waiting for its Pokemon Squishmallows restock. The initial release of the latest technology in Pokemon Merchandise got sold almost instantly. Many were disappointed to not be able to buy any during the Holiday season.

The Squishmallows are different from normal plush toys. And the Pokemon Squishmallows are only of two Pokemon (See below).

Who sold them and where?

The Squishmallows came out in November of last year. Sold by the company Jazwares in US Walmart, the sales quickly saw a huge surprise upon release.

When will Pokemon Squishmallows Restock come to retail?

Pokemon Squishmallows Restock
Image Via Pokemon Center

A representative stated that Pokemon Squishmallows will be restocked to stores this coming February.

“Squishmallows x Pokémon are not being recalled, they simply set a bit too early. Fans can expect to see them roll out soon for purchase. This happens sometimes — stock goes out on the floor a bit early and systems have not yet caught up.”

So to understand that better, imagine that the franchise allowed the sales to be done a little bit earlier than the original planning.

How much will the Pokemon Squishmallows cost?

The Pokemon Squishmallows retailed for $29.99, so it can be expected that the next restock may cost slightly higher than this. Anything within $30-35 range. You might be wondering as to where to buy Pokemon Squishmallows. Well, read on.

The two models

Pokemon Pillows
Image courtesy of Polygon.com

Although the Squishmallows got sold very quickly, do note that so far there were only two Pokemon Squishmallows.

  1. The Pokemon that have represented the franchise, both anime/manga and the games the best – Pikachu. It’s difficult to exactly say that the anime wildered Pikachu’s phantasical popularity, although it’s definitely one of the reasons. Today, Pikachu is hailed as the fuhrer of adorable cuteness. It’s only deserving for the first sales of Pokemon Pillows to be models of Pikachu.
  2. The second models of these Pokemon Pillows were that of Gengar. For the uninitiated, Gengar is that ghastly mischievous turnaround of the Pokemon Haunter. Although Gengar has not been the most prominent in Ash’s journey in the anime, it has nonetheless been a defining face of the Pokemon universe.

Where to buy Pokemon Squishmallows?

One can buy them from the official Pokemon Center website or head to the nearest Walmart

Not all Squishmallows were made equal. They come in different sizes. The smallest is a 3.5-inch clip-on keychain. The largest can be a huggable 24-inch plush bear. And there are other Squishmallows than just Pokemon. As of now, it is not specified what sizes and what Pokemon the upcoming restock be of.

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