Image Courtesy of The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company made another shocking and exciting revelation with one of the upcoming Pokemon TCG sets. With Brilliant Stars releasing at the end of the month, it looks like summer will introduce a Pokemon GO set to the trading card game.

The announcement featured pack art which included elements from the Pokemon Go game. From the art, we can gather that some of the cards will be:

Professor Willow Blissey
Gyarados Aipom
Pikachu Mewtwo
Larvitar Conkeldurr
And Pokestops?!

It’s not the first time that Pokemon made a collaboration set. Detective Pikachu was one in recent memory that featured stills taken directly from the movie. The Pokemon Company also released sealed products that featured packs of the set. Pokemon GO will likely have the same treatment.

Image Courtesy: Pokemon Go
Interestingly, the announcement was made to the international audience.

The common trend is that a set first appears in Japan before an English version announcement. There might be some Japan previews, but Pokemon Go could look for a different approach. Some players have expressed that Pokemon GO may not have many competitive cards. However, it may have many collectors items for fans.

The Pokemon Company also announced that the next TCG set is Astral Radiance, released after Brilliant Stars. It will feature Palkia and Dialga. There are also rumors that some first-time appearances from the Hisui region. Many are excited to see Pokemon Legends: Arceus in card form.

The Pokemon Company will release more details about the Pokemon Go set in the coming weeks. Here’s hoping that it contains beautiful alternate art cards and powerful synergies for the TCG.

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