Pokemon Unite: Blissey Coming Soon!

Fans of Pokémon Unite will be happy to know that Blissey is making an entrance to the game very soon! The Pokémon Unite Twitter account put up a post stating that Blissey will be making an appearance in the game on the 18th of August. The short video clip in the post showed Blissey throwing eggs for damage and healing Pokémon allies around her.

To the surprise of fans, the announcement that Blissey is coming to Pokémon Unite. Players have been teased with Blastoise ever since the beta stage of the game. It was supposed to be among the first additions to the game.

Whatever the reason for the delay, players will have to wait for Blastoise to make an entrance to the game. However, this does not mean that players are to be left without excitement.

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  • Blissey is one of the rare breeds of Pokémon that are only female. In other games and in anime, Blissey and her lower evolutionary form, Chansey, is the assistant Pokémon that aid humans in Pokémon Centers.
  • Blissey is the third form in the evolution of Happiny. Happiny evolves into Chansey, which then evolves into Blissey. It seems probable that Blissey will appear in Pokémon Unite as one of her lower evolution forms and then level up over the course of the match, similar to most other Pokémon in Unite.

  • Blissey can heal Pokémon or increase their basic attack speed and is thus more of a buffer and tank rather than an attacker. Blissey’s Unite Move is Bliss Assistance, where Blissey will “dash to an ally’s aid and protect that ally from attacks” where she can also absorb incoming damage, allowing the ally to continue attacking.

Save your coins people, Blissey is coming!

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