Pokemon: What is next for Ash Ketchum?

Pokemon Ash Ketchum World Champion Next

Pokemon is finally coming to its end with Pokemon: Aim To Be a Pokemon Master, however, what is Ash Ketchum’s final goal? Let’s find out.

Pokemon master, Ash Ketchum went through many hardships, winning regional leagues and learning new lessons before finally winning the tournament and achieving his dream of becoming world champion. Therefore, the audience is wondering if there is anything left after achieving such a grand title. Apparently, that’s the answer Ash is seeking within the final episodes of his time in the anime. 

  • The first episode of this special series revealed that following Ash’s world championship win the only thing he wishes to do is to travel and make more friends.

  • Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master follows Ash in his journey after becoming world champion. In the first episode, Ash’s mother explains to Professor Oak that it’s been some time since his world champion win. He’s once again traveling through the world and his whereabouts are unknown.
  • The new challenge is much more ambiguous than whichever League Challenge he was attempting in the past seasons of the franchise. However, that’s also what will be the focus of his final episodes as Ash figures out his future ambitions to be the Pokemon Master in a true sense.

Ash Ketchum’s Final Goal

Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master explores what the young world champion desires as his final goal for the anime and how will he achieve it. The franchise is getting ready to work on the next wave of Pokemon anime with completely new protagonists. Before which Ash must reach a definite end.

  • Currently, he is making his final journey through the regions of the Pokemon world as the world champion. However, this also brings him confused about what to strive for next. Therefore, his current goal is only to travel and make more friends. 
  • While the series finale follows the travels of Ash in ‘some regions’ the question remains if this ambitious character Ash Ketchum will be satisfied with just enjoying the final ride or end up finding a new lifelong aim.

How will the Anime End?

Professor Oak states, sometimes it’s best to travel without having any grand plan in mind as sometimes it’s what is more necessary. That relates to and hints at the situation of Ash Ketchum more than anything else. After becoming the world champion, he is aimless about what to do to become a true Pokemon Master.

  • In a sense, that’s exactly what this final anime series will answer before bidding farewell to Ash. This will bring an end to his eventful journey starting back in Pallet Town. Traveling from one League to another and facing all kinds of challenges along the path. In the end, achieving his dream and a final wrap-up. 
  • We shall have to see if just exploring the Pokemon world is the true end of Ketchum’s journey and what is the true goal of the pokemon master.

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