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Ready to make a new fashion statement this 2023? Any outfit isn’t complete without the perfect pair of shoes, and with the resurgence of Crocs, clogs are in style nowadays! Pokemon always stays up to date with what’s in and out, and they didn’t let a chance to collaborate with Crocs go to waste. A few months ago, the collaboration between the anime/game franchise and the comfortable footwear was announced. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Pokemon x Crocs and where to buy this collection!

What is the Pokemon x Crocs collaboration?

This collection was released a few months ago, but because of its unique and colorful design, it will never go out of style. The clogs feature iconic Pokemon like Pikachu, Squirtle, and other Johto starters. One glance at these Crocs and you’ll feel a wave of nostalgia wash over you.

Of course, the collection is also available for younger fans of the franchise. The Pokemon x Crocs clogs come in sizes for toddlers, kids, and adults. Another thing we love about the clogs’ designs is their straps. There are red and yellow variations of the strap, and securing it in place are two Poke Balls found on either side of each clog.

Pokemon x Crocs - Where to buy - Classic 1
Images Courtesy of Crocs
  • Three designs are available for this collection, including a pair of slides that feature some of our favorite Pokemon in their pattern. The slides carry the same design as the Classic II variant. Although the design of the Classic Pokemon II Clog is simple, it’s enough to catch the attention of other Trainers you encounter.
Pokemon x Crocs - Where to buy - Classic Pika
Images Courtesy of Crocs
  • The Classic Pokemon Clog variant is arguably our favorite. Its sole is colored black, but its body is a mix of orange and yellow. It also features a Pikachu silhouette on the sole. This style is for you if you want a more intimidating and broody look. Crocs also dub this variant as the Energy Style Classic Pokemon, with Pikachu’s adorable expressions printed on the body.
  • If you want something more casual, you can choose to go with the sandal footwear. As we mentioned, it features a similar design to the Classic Pokemon II Clog.

Where to buy

Although it has been released a few months ago, the collection is still available on Crocs’ official website.

  • Adult-sized clogs are priced at $59.99 USD each, while the sandals are sold for $44.99 USD.
  • Kids’ clogs can be bought for $49.99 USD each, while toddlers’ clogs are only $44.99 USD.
Images Courtesy of Crocs
  • There are two packs of Jibbitz you can purchase from this collection. The 10-pack features classic Pokemon, including Psyduck and Piplup. You can get this pack for $34.99 USD, while the Elevated Pokemon 5 Pack, which focuses on Pikachu, is priced at $24.99 USD.
  • Charms can also be bought individually. They cost $4.99 USD each.
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Which design will you be going for in the Pokemon x Crocs collection? Or are you opting to buy the Jibbitz instead? Let us know in the comments below! Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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