Pokimane’s ‘Broke’ Banter: A Playful Joke as Myna Cookies Prove Cheaper than Costco’s

Pokimane's 'Broke' Banter: A Playful Joke as Myna Cookies Prove Cheaper than Costco's

Pokimane, the popular Twitch star, recently faced some heat when fans started questioning the price of her new Myna cookies. Myna, her newly launched company, introduced a line of healthy chocolate ‘Midnight Mini Cookies’ enriched with Vitamin D on November 13. Despite claims of uniqueness, fans noticed a similar product at Costco that was priced much lower. As discussions around the controversy heated up, Pokimane responded in a light-hearted manner during a live stream on November 18, ‘playfully’ labeling her critics as “broke.”

The Debut of Myna Cookies

On November 13, Pokimane excitedly introduced her fanbase to Myna, showcasing their new product—healthy chocolate ‘Midnight Mini Cookies’ infused with Vitamin D. The announcement aimed to highlight the distinctive features of these cookies.

Is Myna Cookies a “Rebranded” Product?

Responding to the allegations, a spokesperson from Myna insisted that their cookie formulation was genuinely unique and exclusive to the company. Pokimane herself addressed the claims, denying any suggestion that her cookies were a mere “rebranded product.” Despite these clarifications, the controversy continued to escalate.

Complaints Regarding Pricing

On top of explaining why their cookies were unique, Myna got more criticism, this time about how much they cost. Each bag was priced at $7, but you could only buy them in packs of 4, 8, or 12. On social media, fans were talking a lot about this, saying they thought the cookies were too expensive compared to other options out there.

Pokimane's Playful Reply: Fans Called 'Broke' Over Cookie Price Critique

Costco’s vs Pokimane’s Myna Cookies

After Pokimane released her cookies, some fans mentioned they found a similar one at Costco for way less money. This got people talking, wondering if Pokimane’s cookies were just like the Costco ones. But, when we checked closely, someone pointed out that Costco sells more expensive cookies for $9.99 per bag. In comparison, Pokimane’s cookies cost only $7 per bag, making them more affordable than Costco’s.

Pokimane’s Explanation

On her live stream, Pokimane took a moment to address the pricing concerns. She pointed out that the $28 USD is indeed for four bags, breaking down the cost to $7 USD per bag. In a silly tone, she remarked, “I know math is hard,” before playfully whispering, “…when you’re an idi*t.” She then continued, “But if you’re a broke boy, just say so,” injecting humor into the situation.