Pokimane no longer the most-watched female streamer; Who’s in the lead?

Pokimane Amouranth Most-Watched Streamer - Cover

Pokimane is a household name when it comes to female streamers. At one point, she was the most-watched female streamer in the world. However, Pokimane is no longer holding the title of the most-watched female streamer as Amouranth dethrones her. But how did this happen? Read on to find out more.

Previously, Pokimane (also known as Imane Anyss) held the title of top female streamer in the world. It’s no wonder she got the title as with every stream, Pokimane manages to get over 183,000 viewers. However, that’s all changing as new data shows that Pokimane has been dethroned from her title.

Amouranth overtakes Pokimane as the top female streamer in the world

Now, the one holding the title of most-watched female streamer in the world is none other than Amouranth. Amouranth, whose real name is Kaitlyn Siragusa, claims the top spot for the top female streamer in the world.

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Image Courtesy of Amouranth

And if we do a side-by-side comparison of Pokimane’s and Amouranth’s numbers, we can see why the latter has become the most-watched female streamer in the world.

  • In a new data report presented by StreamHatchet, Amouranth’s streams have over 8.2 million watch hours in Quarter 2 of 2022.
  • But going back to Pokimane’s numbers, she managed to have just half of Amouranth’s watch hours with 4.5 million watch hours for the specified time period.
Pokimane Amouranth Most-Watched Streamer - Data
Image Courtesy of StreamHatchet

As for other female streamers, Miko Ch. has 4.5 million hours watched and she is running behind Pokimane. Another notable streamer is Valkyrae, who has 4.3 million hours watched.

But of course, we have to take into consideration that Pokimane doesn’t stream as much as Amouranth does. And we should also consider the fact that Pokimane is taking some time away from streaming which would explain why her watch hours aren’t as high as Amouranth’s.

We can expect more to come from Amouranth as she continues to stream as much as possible

  • If we put Amouranth together with male streamers, she sits at the 56th spot among streamers with the most watch hours for Q2 of 2022. This makes her the only female streamer to make it into the top 100 streamers of 2022.
  • Furthermore, it seems there’s no stopping this streamer as she continues to rake in views with her engaging live streams.
Image Courtesy of Amouranth
  • According to the same report from StreamHatchet, the number of hours Amouranth has spent streaming so far is close to xQc’s own streaming hours.
  • It’s unlikely Amouranth will be dethroned anytime soon especially given the fact that she’s a large presence on lots of streaming sites.

Aside from streaming her shenanigans on Twitch, Amouranth also streams on OnlyF*ns.

As of writing, she is one of the most popular content creators on OF and her YouTube channel has over 800,000 subscribers.

We’re excited to see the year-end report for this. Will Amouranth’s reign last until the end of the year? Or will we get to see other female streamers dominate the rankings?

What are your thoughts on viewers tuning in to Amouranth more compared to other female streamers? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below.

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