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Pokimane won the number 39th slot on that ranking according to a data leak of streamer incomes from October 2019 to October 2021. This makes her the highest-earning woman on Amazon’s streaming platform. As a result, she’s become a target for would-be harassers. The incident shows that Twitch needs to address these issues if it wants to be a more inviting environment for all producers/creators.

Twitch has long been dominated by men, and the incident that happened between Pokimane and Ninja demonstrates how toxic the network can still be for women. Only three of the top 100 creators were women, according to a data leak.

Selfie with JiDion After Hate-raid Issue

Pokimane and JiDion had a heated argument a few weeks ago, which resulted in Twitch issuing warnings and a ban. Everyone who has been following their feud is in disbelief, now that both of them are in the same room eating burger, smiling.

Pokimane, who has over 8.9 million Twitch subscribers, abruptly shut down her feed on January 12 after getting an unusually high quantity of abuse in the form of rain of tweets saying “L + ratio.” The term originates on Twitter and refers to when a critical comment receives more attention than the original post.

Pokimane and JiDion Join Together for a Q&A While Eating Burgers

As shown in the tweet, Pokimane sat next to JiDion, eating a burger. This photo surprised everyone and since then, the tension seems to fade as a result.

Fans Confused

Both fans of the said streamers claim that the shot was only edited or photoshopped. Pokimane and JiDion, on the other hand, have more to say, and the community still can’t process what’s going on.

Many people are having trouble processing what is happening, while others are giving it the benefit of the doubt and are happy for them. JiDion and Pokimane sharing food with each other’s company was a scene no one would ever think of.

One fan even replied and thought Ninja “HATED her (Pokimane)”.

Screengrab Courtesy of Twitter

As these two Twitch streamers begin to get along, a final settlement will almost definitely follow. Hate raids have ended for now, and JiDion looks to have learned his lesson after his non-permanent suspension.

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