The 11 year-old boy is in critical situation now
The 11 year-old boy is in critical situation now (Image via Metro news)

According to Lancashire Telegraph, an 11-year-old child was recently struck by a police van. He was actually crossing the street. Currently, he is in critical condition. At around 8.30 pm on May 25, a police vehicle responded to an emergency call with its lights and sirens activated. It was then that it crashed and brutally hit the kid who was crossing Owen Road in Lancaster.

The child was immediately transported to Royal Lancaster Infirmary. There the doctors said that his condition was severe. However, despite their best efforts, reporters from various news outlets could not get in touch with the child’s family. Not even the authorities made any statements regarding the boy’s parents or guardians.

The 11-year-old boy’s current condition

A piece of relief as it’s reported that the 11-year-old victim is alive. Unfortunately, the boy is in critical condition. We hope for the victim’s recovery.

A Lancashire constabulary spokesman said, “Our thoughts are with the child’s loved ones at this time. “We have voluntarily referred this matter to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC), as is standard with an incident of this nature,” he adds. An investigation is underway to establish the full circumstances that led to the collision.

Anyone who can help the police inquiry with information, CCTV or dashcam footage from May 25 is urged to call the authorities at 101, referencing log 1388. The higher authorities want to know what actually happened. Moreover, they also want to know who was at fault here.

After the incident, a road closure had been in effect for some time. As of this writing, the closure has already been lifted. The authorities have not yet disclosed the victim’s identity or any other information.

IOPC responds; Will there be charges filed?

As is customary for such an occurrence, the entire incident has been reported to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC). In a statement released on Thursday, the IOPC said, “We have declared an independent investigation into the actions of Lancashire Police before a road traffic collision in Owen Road, Lancaster, at around 8:30 pm tonight, in which a child has been injured.”

The spokesperson added, “We were notified by the force shortly after the collision and declared an investigation at 10:37 pm. IOPC investigators are heading to the scene and the police post incident procedure to begin gathering information.”

The IOPC further added that their investigation is still in its early stages. They also said that, if found guilty, the responsible parties would face severe punishment. Filed charges or any news and information on the family’s side has yet to be reported.

Description of the scene

Authorities are investigating the matter
Authorities are investigating the matter (Image via Metro News)

At the scene of the event, which took place on a rather popular road, notices have been posted asking for witnesses. The collision happened in front of what was formerly the neighborhood secondary school on Owen Road, which runs into Lancaster’s city center.

An engineer had been investigating a set of traffic lights that morning that had obviously been knocked over. According to the locals that the authorities spoke with, there were various versions of the incident that took place. Unfortunately, no one could say what exactly happened.

Everyone in the area is thinking of the 11-year-old child and his family.

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