dying light 2

A Polish news website had published an article yesterday accusing Techland of having a bad work culture with employees expressing their frustration at the crunch.

A number of websites, including Spiel Times, had reported on the story earlier after relying on Google Translate for the translation, but soon we realized the translation was far from being perfect. However, thanks to one of our fans, we were able to get the actual translation of the article.

Here are the pointers, translated from the original article by a Polish native:-

  • Some anonymous sources from Techland have reported that Adrian Ciszewski has been calling employees after their work hours, at 9-10 pm. Whether he has been calling them to work or for mere consultation is NOT mentioned in the article. He is however accused of calling his team members morons.
  • It’s been reported that there have been tensions between Chris Avellone and Techland from before Microsoft’s E3 conference. They thought Chris’ vision wasn’t fit for the game, who was working on lines similar to New Vegas.
    Chris, on the other hand, denies any tension between him and Ciszewski or Techland. Moreover, he is affirmative of the fact that changes are a part of game development.
  • Due to that, there were many iterations of the plot with each one being promised as the last one. That has led to the team getting demotivated.
    However, this claim was shunned by Lead Programmer Bartosza Kulon, who says that this is likely a communication problem and Ciszewski is not to blame for it. He adds that a game of that scope needs many iterations.
  • The claim regarding the game lacking vision and direction and not having a vertical slice due to that was contradicted by Techland’s statement who said that a vertical slice is available for the members of the press since 2016.
  • However, the fact that the game will not be released this year is something that the PR has “more or less” confirmed as well, so things are pretty firm as far as that is concerned.