Polium One: First NFT Console Receives Heavy Criticism

Polium One Console

The Polium One is a new console that focuses on Web3 gaming. Although the general public will have to sit tight until 2024 to get their hands on it, Polium NFT investors will be the first to enjoy it. Gamers, however, don’t seem too keen on this idea.

In recent days, the excitement in NFTs has decreased. Nevertheless, it appears that we will continue to see ventures that aim to take advantage of this contentious economic framework. Polium, a startup that promises to be capable of launching a console devoted to crypto games, metaverses, and the blockchain, has now unveiled its newest project. Using a branding reminiscent of a classic Nintendo gaming system, they’ve introduced the Polium One.

Polium One

As stated on their official website, the Polium One is the world’s first dedicated Web3 gaming console. There aren’t any technical details available yet. There’s little doubt about it, though: the machine’s specs promise 4K Ultra HD video titles with ray tracing and up to 120 frames per second (fps).

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Polium’s NFT and Cryptocurrency

From Polium One, NFT traders may expect a cryptocurrency wallet, a blockchain app store for downloads, and even a fingerprint scanner integrated into the controller for further protection. Additional features include haptic feedback, a touchpad, and a toggle allocated to the shop.

Grit, a cowboy combat royale that has earned a spot in the Epic Gaming Store, and Decentraland, a virtual reality platform, are some of the ventures mentioned on Polium One’s official page when it comes to games. Their official Twitter account makes it clear that it will offer both well-known games and new ones developed just for Polium One. Every one of them will reportedly be built on blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon.

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Epic Games Grit
Image Courtesy of Epic Games Store

Polium Logo Controversy

In response to complaints about how similar the Polium logo is to the Nintendo GameCube, the company has said that they will change it. This is after Polium said they haven’t copied the Nintendo GameCube and that many companies use similar designs. A lot of gamers have also reacted with skepticism and doubt to the news. Many people are cautious of blockchain gaming, believing it to be a sham at the very least.

The very first working prototype of the console is expected to be ready within several months, according to a timeline outlined by Polium. The moment they have it, they’ll begin issuing NFTs that grant access to the reservation of the Polium One. They ensure that only those who hold these credentials will be able to purchase the system in 2024. According to the company’s projections, the remaining users will be able to get their hands on it in 2025.

“We will show the prototype live on YouTube or have a well-trusted influencer show you all. The prototype will prove that the console can run games that are on different blockchains and built with different programming languages.

We will not take any pre-orders/funding until we show the prototype and if the community is interested. Once we have a functional prototype, we will build the console for manufacturing.” – Polium

What do you think of the Podium One? Do you think they copied Nintendo’s GameCube logo? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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