Polygon Makes Fun Of Bully 2’s Waiting Fans

The speculation on Bully 2 is now the order of the day but today Polygon has gone a little further. The website deliberately deceived some of its fans simply by changing the URL (Internet address) of one of its articles that spoke of a probable sequel to the Rockstar Games game.

In the last few days, some graffiti (which you can find at the bottom) appeared in GTA Online, which led to a beautiful announcement by Bully 2. Polygon reported the news, but entering the following words as URL: bully-sequel-announced-fall-2020-news, which translated sound like “The sequel to Bully announced, arrives in 2020”. Obviously, the article bounced almost everywhere, even on ResetEra, where in reality most users immediately understood the joke (indeed, the mockery) organized by the website to the detriment of the fans.

Bully 2 is one of the most anticipated games by fans and the Rockstar community in particular and making fun of those who expect such an important announcement is really a bad move in my opinion. The article also describes only some murals and makes fun of those who believe that those drawings are a sort of anticipation of a possible reveal when it is clear from the start that they are real tributes to the European nomenclature of the players or Canis Canem Edit.

Bully 2 has probably never been in development for real, but Rockstar’s plans may not change in the future. For now, any news that contains such an address is to be considered absolutely false

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