Pope Francis hospitalized for respiratory tract infection: Netizens share well wishes ahead of Easter

The Vatican shared an update regarding Pope Francis’s health. He is suffering from a respiratory tract infection and will need to spend a few days in a hospital in Rome. The 86-year-old had breathing difficulties in recent days.

According to the update, Pope Francis will require a few days of appropriate hospital medical therapy. His closest staff, including security, are also expected to stay the night at the Gemelli Hospital. Following the update, Netizens shared their good wishes for Pope’s speedy and complete recovery.

This is the busiest time of the year for Pope Francis due to Holy Week and Easter weekend


Pope Francis has many events scheduled ahead of Easter weekend. However, the recent respiratory tract infection will affect his schedule. He has already canceled his activities for a few days. According to the official update, Pope Francis requires complete rest with appropriate medical care.

Pope’s upcoming schedule includes a Palm Sunday Mass for this weekend, and Holy Week and Easter celebrations for the next weeks. He is also scheduled to visit Hungary by the end of April.

On Wednesday morning, he followed his schedule of presiding over his weekly general audience in St Peter’s Square. According to the people in attendance, Pope Francis appeared in good spirits. However, he came across to be grimacing as he was helped into his vehicle.

The Vatican initially assured that the Pope had gone to the hospital for a previously scheduled check-up. However, Italian media questioned this account following the cancellation of a television interview at short notice.


As per BBC, reacting to the news, President Joe Biden encouraged people to make an additional prayer for the Pope’s recovery. President Biden is the second Roman Catholic leader of the US. He also described the Pope as one of the “most Christ-like figures I’ve ever met.” in his statement.

People in the Pope’s home city, Buenos Aires, Argentina, expressed their feelings in an article by the news agency Reuters. A man named Daniel Saco shared his concerns for Pope Francis’s health stating that ‘he must ask himself whether he can continue.”

Netizens share prayers and well wishes for a quick and complete recovery

People were already concerned about Pope Francis’s health ahead of his hospitalization due to his recent health concerns. He was seen using a wheelchair in recent months because of mobility problems.

He also underwent surgery to treat a colon problem in 2021 which has returned according to his update of January 2023.

Despite his health condition, the Pope has remained active and has also embarked on trips abroad. Just a month ago in February, he visited the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.


In January, the Pope oversaw the funeral of his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI. Benedict was the first pope to step down voluntarily in centuries due to ill health.

As per BBC, Pope Francis had previously shared that he may wish to follow in Benedict’s footsteps if his health further deteriorates.

Furthermore, the official statement shared that Pope Francis is touched by the good wishes and expresses his gratitude for the closeness and prayer.

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