Who in their right mind would want to put their hands on an operating grinder? The same grinder that dismembered Mommy Long Legs and other evil living toys in Playtime Co.!

Well, if you are thinking of ending The Player’s life by doing so, you definitely are not alone. While it seems a bit twisted, some players had already tried to kill themselves with the use of the said machine.

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Mommy Long Legs’ Final Hours in Playtime Co.

Mommy Long Legs took her final breath in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 – Fly in the Web. Those who have played the game know that Mommy will succumb to the shredder machine which was set up by The Player after being chased by the evil toy.

Poppy Playtime - Mommy Long Legs Panic
Screengrab Courtesy of SuperHorrorBro via YouTube

In this scenario, Mommy Long Legs suddenly appears from the shadows after chasing you in a dark hallway. Then, The Player proceeded to go inside a room where the shredder is placed. If you turn on the shredder, it will suck Mommy Long Legs while killing her in the process. Although she will try to fight it, she won’t be unable to escape her inevitable demise.

Now, what will happen if you try to kill yourself instead of Mommy Long Legs?

A famous YouTuber, Banden, tried this in one of his videos and this is what happened.

Photo Courtesy of Banden (via YouTube)

They (Banden) tried to put his hands inside the moving grinder, but guess what? It did not shred The Player into pieces but your hands will get stuck. I guess the machine just does not want to destroy the game’s script, does it? Although, after turning it on, Mommy Long Legs will appear from nowhere and will try to eat you alive.

Meanwhile, if you get too close to Mommy, you could still die from the hands of Mommy Long Legs. Let’s just say, the factory is too big for the two of you to co-exist. At least one must die for the other to flourish. Perhaps that is really what’s destined – kill or get killed. After Mommy Long Legs is torn to pieces, we really saw her getting dragged by long dark claws, which we never saw after Huggy Wuggy fell into the pit. This then brings us to the question, Is Huggy Wuggy still alive?

Poppy Playtime 2 Kissy Missy, Photo Courtesy of FusionZGamerr (via YouTube)

On a side note, Kissy Missy, the female version of Huggy Wuggy, was introduced in one of the scenes in Chapter 2. She appeared friendly and docile to the protagonist which brought a lot of questions to the Poppy Playtime community. Could she be really an ally or will he emerge as one of the biggest threats in the Playtime Co. factory?

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 has already concluded for a few days now and players are already expecting the third chapter. Hopefully, we will uncover more mysteries hidden in Playtime Co. by next year, 2023.

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