Screengrab Courtesy of XtremeGamez (via YouTube)

“Is that the Poppy Playtime Grab pack I’m seeing? Holy macaroni!” – How far can Poppy Playtime fans go? Well, for a famous YouTuber called XtremeGamez, there’s more to it than just the good old fashion computer gaming. To make Poppy Playtime more realistic, XtremeGamez created an exact replica of The Player’s Grab pack. Wanna know how they made it? Let’s discover it together!

The Grab Pack

Poppy Playtime 2 Third Train Code

Those who are familiar with Poppy Playtime know that the Grab Pack is the most essential equipment for The Player (well, it’s his only equipment, so there’s that). It is used to grab things (obviously) and toggle various buttons, machines, and more. It may look like the actual hands of our protagonist, but in reality, it is just a tool.

This utility was first introduced in Poppy Playtime Chapter 1. Before you can start your quest in the Playtime Co. factory, you must wait for your first Grab pack to be created. At first, you will only receive one but will acquire the second grab pack as the game progresses.

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XtremeGamez Grab Pack 2.0

XtremeGamez is known for his videos about shopping, toys, video games, and various mainstream topics. They had success in his Poppy Playtime videos, considering that this game has been trending since its release.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time XtremeGamez made a replica of The Grab Pack. They created a lot of prototypes in the past but his perfect creation (which they dubbed as THE MOST POWERFUL) is the Grab Pack 2.0. In the video, XtremeGamez showed you can recreate the grab pack with some of the simplest things. For your reference, we have listed all of it below.

  • Yellow and Green paint (for coloring)
Screengrab Courtesy of XtremeGamez (via YouTube)
  • Two high-quality fishing reels (to retract the hands after shooting)
Screengrab Courtesy of XtremeGamez (via YouTube)
  • 3D-Printed Grab Pack Hands (the exact replica)
Screengrab Courtesy of XtremeGamez (via YouTube)
  • 3D-Printed Lightsaber-esque extender (to extend the hands, just like the Grab Pack)
Screengrab Courtesy of XtremeGamez (via YouTube)
  • Two Powerful Nerf Guns (Used to trigger the shooting sequence)
Screengrab Courtesy of XtremeGamez (via YouTube)

It sure does look like an easy project but it is kind of difficult. It’s difficult in the sense that you have to have a 3D printer and a lot of patience. But, on the flip side, at the end of the video, it definitely works! You can shoot the grab pack and withdraw it using the fishing reels. It looks exactly how everyone expected it to be. Thanks to XtremeGamez, fans now have an idea on how to make a grab pack at home!

There have been quite a number of YouTubers joining in on the Poppy Playtime hype.

While most of them are playing the game (from start to finish) like Markiplier and 8-BitRyan, there are others who like to get more fun out of it. One example of them is the Minecraft YouTuber, halvetone, who combined Poppy Playtime and Minecraft by recreating Poppy Playtime bosses into Minecraft mobs.

While a third chapter is yet to come out, you still have a lot of time to re-play the first and second chapter. Who knows, maybe you’ll find more Easter eggs!

If you have any questions regarding Poppy Playtime Chapter 2, feel free to ask in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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