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Horror fans have been surprised by Poppy Playtime. Terror lurks around all corners in an abandoned toy factory. Many, including us, are wondering when we will be able to get our hands on Chapter 2. In the teaser video, a release window has been announced, but no exact date has been revealed yet.

Early 2022 Release Date

As we previously stated, the date has yet to be determined, but a key indication has been given. If all goes according to plan, gamers should have access to Chapter 2 fairly soon. “Early 2022” soon. 🤔

Previously, we stated that the next chapter could be available on February 14th. That’s because Kissy Missy (also known as Lovey Dovey among fans) has some connection to February being the month of love. Isaac Christopherson, the director of Poppy Playtime, recently retweeted a Kissy Missy fanart. Then again, perhaps he just likes the artwork. Nevertheless, we’ll continue to make assumptions until we eventually get to play Chapter 2. 😭

A tweet from director Isaac Christopherson asking for fan input on the next chapter is the most recent thing we’ve heard from anybody involved.

“I’m curious- If you enjoyed Poppy Playtime Chapter 1, what about it made you enjoy it? What kinds of things would you want to see return, and what things do you want to see innovated on?”

Enthusiastic fans were quick to respond and most showed their love for the game. Many of the comments commended the team for doing a great job with Chapter 1 and bringing something new to the horror genre.

Other comments, on the other hand, are expressing their feelings towards the involvement of Poppy Playtime with NFTs. 

And of course, there were fans like me who were eager to know when the next chapter would be released! 😅

The puzzle-adventure game Poppy Playtime challenges you to make it out alive in a world filled with horror and evil. If you want to live another day, you must escape this dreadful abandoned toy factory, which is filled with the most spiteful of toys. Until then, you’ll need to investigate every nook and cranny of the facility, but you’ll have to be extremely cautious because getting caught ends badly.

Image Courtesy of MOB Games

If you’ve read through the end of this article and haven’t played Poppy Playtime: Chapter 1 yet, drop your Steam Friend Code below! I’ll randomly pick 10 people and gift the game on February 11th. PS: This is not a paid advertisement, just a fan who wants to spread the word about this fantastic game. Until next time! 😊

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