Poppy Playtime 2: Second Train Code (Complete Guide)

Poppy Playtime Wack A Wuggy Video Prompt

After the unsettling conclusion of Poppy Playtime’s first chapter, A Tight Squeeze, it’s time to continue the tale and discover what’s really going on in this factory. Poppy Playtime 2 is here with a brand new terrifying monster: Mommy Long Legs! In this guide, we’ll discuss a full walkthrough on how to get Poppy Playtime 2’s second train code. Can you reach the train station on time?

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Back at the Game Station

Head over to the Train panel board where you’ll notice the 2nd level is now ready to be activated. Pull the level to proceed. Listen to the recording and head over to the next area.

Poppy Playtime Wack A Wuggy


Keep going straight until you reach the activity area. A video prompt will play and we’ll begin the nightmare!

Poppy Playtime Wack A Wuggy Video Prompt

This is pretty much a whack-a-mole game. You will have to “whack” a Huggy Wuggy when it appears on one of the holes in the area, easy.. Right? ..

Poppy Playtime Wack A Wuggy Gameplay

In this puzzle, we recommend you use a headset. You will be able to tell where Huggy Wuggy will come out, based on the sounds it makes. The strong the stomps, the closer this horrifying bear is. Keep in mind though, that multiple Huggy Wuggies can come out of the holes!

After the game, Mommy Long Legs will give you the Second Train Code!

Head down to the vent where the code was and follow the path. You’ll eventually see a rainbow-colored staircase. Go up until you reach the break. Look up towards the orange light and use your hand to grab and pull.

Poppy Playtime Rainbow Stairs

There’s also a collectible found on the staircase. Just grab and pull yourself up. Once on top, descend using the staircase and you should see the statue on the opposite side. Just be careful not to fall!

Keep following the path until you reach a yellow room then go to the right. Turn left to the hallway where you’ll see a barrier. Go near it. 👀 From here, just follow the path again until you see a railway. Pull Barry close to the barrier.

Poppy Playtime 2 Barry

Next, obtain green power from the supply and hit the first box. This will open the barriers. Then, get the power from the 1st one and onto the next.

Poppy Playtime 2 Barry Power Puzzle

After that, get the power again and walk around to find the next box. You will notice that the power won’t be strong enough to open the gate. The next step is to pull the level behind Barry.

Poppy Playtime 2 Barry Power Puzzle Lever

The gate next to it will now open and you can get green power again to open the other gate. Open the gate and take the power again, the same as the previous ones. Another lever will be available next to Barry. Do the same method once more – Pull Barry and get green power. This time, use the charge to the room on the right when you come back. This will open a new barrier with another power source.

Poppy Playtime 2 Barry Power Supply

After that, go back to the power source and trigger the VHS player for a surprise! 😄

The next step is to pull Barry until you reach the area with the orange light. Push him down to demolish the wooden barriers and follow the railway. Turn to the left and jump down the hole found in that area. Once again, you’ll be back and have to trigger the 3rd and last lever for the last game!

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